VEN SPRAY ONE - plug it in and let it paint

With the VEN SPRAY ONE, Venjakob has developed a compact painting machine that is tailored to the needs of craftsmen and small businesses. With the newly designed individual solution, joiners, carpenters and all companies that coat in small quantities can get started with semi-automated coating – quickly and easily at an attractive price. The short delivery time of four weeks also increases flexibility when making invest-ment decisions.

Ven Spray One. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
General view coating machine VEN SPRAY ONE
Ven Spray One Einlauf. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
VEN SPRAY ONE machine infeed
Ven Spray One Auslauf. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
VEN SPRAY ONE machine outfeed
Ven Spray One Screen. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
Touchpanel VEN SPRAY ONE
Ven Spray One Lackierpistolen. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
VEN SPRAY ONE coating pistols

Small solution. big benefit

“Now we are also offering companies a coating solution for which our professional machines are not profitable due to insufficient capacity utilization,” says Christian Nüßer, Managing Director of Venjakob. The VEN SPRAY ONE as a single machine is in no way inferior to the Venjakob professional line in terms of handling, design and energy efficiency. The basic model already has high-quality components and a construction designed for sustainability and durability. An advantage of the stand-alone solution is the integrated control cabinet, through which the machine can be easily connected via the socket. This saves time and assembly costs. The base model can be expanded with additional modules such as remote maintenance, for example. Furthermore, various additional services are optionally available, such as assembly, project consulting on site or trials and process training at Venjakob.

Reproducible results

Workpieces that were otherwise coated using the hand-held spray gun can now be painted faster and thus in larger numbers with the robust painting machine. For this, the VEN SPRAY ONE is equipped with a powerful linear drive that controls the four spray guns evenly. The coating is designed for materials made of wood, glass and various plastics. For a consistently high quality and reproducible painting results, spray programs can be preset in the system control and called up in the recipe management.

Workpieces with a length from 250 millimeters

The painting machine, which is just over 4 meters long, 4 meters wide and 2.60 meters high, has a spacious spray booth with large viewing windows. Workpieces with a minimum length of 250 millimeters can be coated in different sizes. The workpiece to be machined must be at least 25 mm wide and 6 mm high; the maximum dimension is 1,300 mm in width and 50 mm in height.

User-friendly construction

All areas within the spray coating machine are easily accessible for maintenance. Long-life LED tubes illuminate the spray area. The extra-large touch screen and the large, self-explanatory user interface for simplified control of the machine are also user-friendly. All in all a “real Venjakob”.

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