Venjakob coating systems for building and insulation materials

Technical, real, efficient – solutions for the building materials industry

The building materials industry has a plethora of applications for industrial finishes and modern coating technology. The building materials that manufacturers produce today have long been high-tech materials. Not least because the facade cladding, insulation materials and roof tiles receive an efficient functional coating before they are put to use. Venjakob is an expert in this industry. With our systems, you can coat a wide variety of components in the building materials industry in every common size, shape and material composition.

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Solutions for your unique requirement profile

The requirements of the building materials industry are unique. So are our solutions. After all, the climate is getting harsher and demands solutions that can withstand any change – and fast. Venjakob offers these and also makes sure that your production processes are as efficient as possible: 

  • High material throughputs
  • Special requirements for coating material recovery
  • Many color changes

Building materials at a glance

The term “building materials” includes anything that insulates and covers, all the things you rely on to create a high-quality building. And one thing you can always rely on is Venjakob being by your side. We offer custom-designed coating and finishing systems for    

  • Facade cladding
  • Acoustic ceiling tiles
  • Insulation materials (glass wool | rock wool | wood wool)
  • Stones (paving stones | patio slabs)
  • Corrugated panels
  • Roof tiles
  • Concrete


Venjakob supplies equipment for coating fiber cement panels, acoustic ceiling panels or facade cladding. The crucial factor for manufacturers is a fast color change. That is, the ability to switch quickly between different products. Venjakob offers a color management system specially developed for this purpose. It permits fast color changes, thereby making your production significantly more flexible. 

State-of-the-art plant technology

Venjakob is your expert for coating and finishing systems. We offer you state-of-the-art plant technology, tailored to your needs.  And not just for coating and finishing in a narrow sense, but for the entire process related to these steps – including conveyor technology, robot systems and drying systems. That means: On request, we can offer you solutions that go far beyond coating, in order to optimize your internal production processes. For instance, we supply material handling robots that either transport freshly coated workpieces to the drying zone – or transport all components and workpieces through the entire production process based on their size and shape.


Interested? Then let's talk! About the customized coating solution for your building materials.

Construction elements

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