Thermal incinerators from Venjakob

Extremely powerful, even at the limits

Where other technologies and processes have long reached their limits, Venjakob’s thermal incinerators from Venjakob Umwelttechnik continue to operate reliably. This applies in particular to the purification of exhaust air that contains particles or silicon and to operating conditions that are subject to strong fluctuations. And if you combine our thermal incinerators with customized systems for energy recovery, you can increase the cost-effectiveness of your entire plant. This robust system is the result of over 40 years of innovative product development. We can only recommend it – to benefit your employees. To benefit your production. And to benefit the environment.  

Sophisticated, developed in-house, time-tested – high quality technology 

Our thermal incinerators have sophisticated design features. These include the special compensator developed in-house to absorb heat exchanger expansion and the intelligent arrangement of the combustion chamber and heat exchanger in a row. This optimizes the accessibility of all areas – for instance for maintenance purposes. Last, not least: The angular design allows fans or secondary heat exchangers to be positioned on the TVA. This minimizes the space required on site – and creates space in areas where every inch counts. 


High temperature, cost-effective energy recovery – the process

The operating principle of thermal incinerators is based on
guiding the polluted exhaust air into the combustion chamber via a shell-and-tube heat exchanger and the auxiliary burner. There, pollutants are converted into CO2 and H2O at a reaction temperature of approx. 760°C (1400°F). The energy released while burning the solvents reduces the fuel requirement. Subsequently, the now clean exhaust air releases a large part of its energy via the shell-and-tube heat exchanger to preheat the polluted air.  

Ideal for particles and aerosols – the areas of application

Thermal incineration is excellent for cleaning exhaust air contaminated with particles or aerosols. This method is also used for processes involving contaminants that generate ash or dust (for instance siloxanes/silanes) .

  • Production of brake pads
  • Wallpaper printing
  • Coating techn. yarns
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Coating of release papers
  • EPD drying
  • Special applications
  • Small systems

Effective, safe, reliable – the advantages

What makes our thermal incinerators so reliable is, first and foremost,  
decades of experience that have gone into the manufacture of these exhaust air purification systems. You get tried-and-tested, highly sophisticated solutions that have proven their worth and quality time and time again. Each of our systems is precisely adapted to the available space and the process requirements. You, too, can benefit from the option to flexibly adapt your plant – and from the advantages offered by our thermal incinerators. Firstly, from their high process reliability – even under changing or highly fluctuating operating conditions. Secondly, from the economic potential of energy recovery – including when several heating fluids, such as hot water, thermal oil, etc. are combined. Thermal incineration for cleaning solvent-contaminated exhaust air is a highly reliable method – and a clean solution.  

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