Application tips for students

What does a good application look like to us?

We get a lot of applications. It's not so easy to make the right choice. This makes it all the more important for us to get an accurate impression of you as a person. Use this opportunity to draw attention to yourself and convince us that you are the right candidate for the job. To make it easier for you to make the perfect first impression, we'll give you some information along the way and tell you what's important to us.

The application documents

  • Your application should be complete: Cover letter, resume, references, and of course anything that might be relevant to the job. This could be letters of recommendation, proof of internship, attendance of language courses or other certificates of participation.
  • The application should arrive neat and clean. If you send your documents by mail, place them in an appropriate application folder so that the pages do not get tangled.

The application content

  • Pay attention to a structured structure and correct spelling. To avoid spelling and grammar mistakes in your application, seek assistance. It is always advisable to have your application documents proofread by someone you trust.
  • Your application should always clearly state which profession or which area of the company you are interested in. Please indicate the desired start of the training or the exact period of the internship.
  • We are always curious to know how you became aware of us or the position. Job portal, website, recommendation, event - many paths lead to us.
  • Your motivation? Why do you want to work with us and why exactly in this area? Here is your chance to stand out from other applicants.
  • In case we need to reach you quickly, please always include a phone number as well.

The application route

  • Of course you can send us your application by mail. For ecological reasons, however, we prefer the e-mail variant. Just send us your complete application documents to ed.bo1719333007kajne1719333007v@gnu1719333007brewe1719333007b1719333007
  • Please make sure that you send us your documents in the usual file formats (PDF, JPG). Word documents we do not like to receive so much.
  • Regularly check the emails in your inbox. Often, we will contact you the way you chose to apply.


Job offers

Job offers

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