Retrofitting existing plants with Venjakob

Simple, reliable, modernized – fit for all challenges through retrofitting

Nothing is more constant than change. When requirements change, when wear becomes noticeable, when new products and new production technologies emerge, a plant can quickly look pretty obsolete – even though it’s still powerful. We make your machinery fit for modern demands – through retrofitting. We modernize plants that still have what it takes to continue running for many years. Conversion, expansion, modernization, optimization – we do it all to increase the economic efficiency and availability of your plant. We overhaul your equipment and offer you comprehensive expert service for mechanical engineering.   

Faster, better, more efficient – plenty of good reasons for optimization

Sometimes you want to introduce new products that cannot be manufactured with the existing production line. Sometimes you want higher cycle times. Sometimes production specifications change. Sometimes there is an increase in capacity. But no matter the change, one question always comes up: "Can my system handle this – or do I need a new one?" We'll tell you. We will check your system thoroughly to determine whether it still has the potential to meet the challenges ahead or whether getting a new system will pay off for you. The advantage: After modernization, your plant will run faster, better, more efficiently – with virtually the same or only slightly modified controls and handling: You keep the plant you know, it’s just more powerful.

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Safe, balanced, decisive – increase performance, save time

What exactly does an economic viability assessment look like? Our team will review the current status of your system and show you what retrofitting steps may be beneficial. We show you all the options. You decide which of them you want to implement. Time is always of the essence in this context: Retrofitting is, above all, a time-saving solution. New investments, the complete replacement of a plant, require time. One is usually faster, the other takes longer. By modernizing your outdated machines and adding new, state-of-the-art features, we will give your plant new life and return it to top productivity levels. And you don’t have to deal with time-consuming new approval procedures. Or with long production downtimes either. On top of that, the retrofit ensures timely availability of important spare parts. This makes retrofitting and general overhauls an excellent solution. Perhaps it’s the right solution for your coating system or drying system

Digital, phenomenal, up to date – machine optimization for the IT segment

Retrofitting and plant modernization all sounds so very mechanical. It makes you think of optimizing the belt width here, adapting the speed there, and people walking around with oil cans everywhere. But we also look at the controls and automation of your plant. We help your business progress in IT, IoT and Industry 4.0 – if you want us to. We don’t just give recommendations – we can implement them for you. We support you by providing time-saving and productivity-enhancing software updates, equip you with intuitive HMI systems – and are happy to show you the effect all these measures have on the productivity of your plant. Specifically, a positive one. An extremely positive one.

Interested? Sounds good to you? Then let's talk! About the optimization of your plant and how we can retrofit your production line to make it fit for the future. And for any challenge that may come its way.    

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If desired, you can have the spare and wear parts installed by Venjakob plant technicians. Our service team will be happy to advise you on these services.


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