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Venjakob quality – The key to your success!

Our goal is to achieve the greatest possible quality and maximum customer satisfaction. To this end, we draw on the profound expertise provided by our employees. Highly specialized expert personnel develop and implement customized solutions on schedule for our customers in a wide variety of industries. In line with our responsibility to current and future generations, we also consider our treatment of natural resources extremely important. 

Venjakob’s high-quality work is reflected in comprehensive consultation meetings, is supported by test series conducted in our own technical center and is completed by on-time assembly and commissioning. But even after all that, we provide quality and expertise with our extensive stock of spare parts, our fast and experienced service staff and the high-quality training courses for your personnel – fast and uncomplicated. We won’t leave you out in the cold.

Quality at Venjakob

Without satisfied customers, we are nothing.  Because we know that, all our actions at Venjakob are based on our customers’ satisfaction. That is why we supply high quality machines. To meet our customers’ requirements. Your requirements. The basic requirement of ISO 9001 to supply consistent quality is not nearly enough for us. Thanks to our consistently applied continuous improvement process (CIP), we constantly increase the quality of our products and services for the benefit of our customers. For you. 

Qualitätsmanagement Venjakob Maschinenbau

Occupational health and safety at Venjakob

Work should be fun, not make you sick. We want our employees to return to their families and friends in good health after each day's work. For this reason, we attach great importance to work design that anticipates problems before they occur and is oriented toward health and safety.

First of all this means that we ensure that employees in both our production and our administration feel comfortable at their workplaces, by illuminating every workplace with modern light fixtures and giving them a healthy/ergonomic design. Secondly, we use processes that simplify collaboration. Our integrated management system with the above-mentioned elements helps us maintain a close collaborative relationship with customers, employees, business partners and suppliers. 

Environmental protection at Venjakob

"Environment-friendly, cost-efficient and reliable" – this was and is not a hollow phrase from a past slogan. Our products and processes are constantly being further developed to conserve resources and further reduce negative impacts on the environment. After all, we love our planet. Venjakob accounts for environmental aspects not only in the design and development of environmentally friendly machines, but also in production and infrastructure, to protect the environment and our employees. Numerous product developments, some of them patented, allow you as our customer to produce in an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. Moreover, the modular design of our systems makes your investments future-proof. Don’t miss out on these added values. And protect nature while you’re at it.

Certified quality

Fully tested – you’ve got our guarantee. 
Our technicians test every machine in our own factory under realistic production conditions. This process quality assurance goes well beyond the requirements of ISO 9001. 

We offer concepts for the removal of organic and odorous pollutants from exhaust air

Certificates prove our high quality and reliable performance

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