The story of Venjakob

Determined, experienced, successful – three generations of growth

The story of Venjakob begins in 1963, when Heinrich and Anneliese Venjakob founded a locksmith’s shop. Sixty years later, that locksmith's shop has turned into a globally active, family-owned business with 380 employees that develops, produces and sells customized systems for coating and finishing surfaces of any kind. One of the world's top suppliers of coating and finishing systems. A technological leader for the entire plant engineering process – from consulting and planning through surface pretreatment and coating to drying and exhaust air purification – including automation and conveyor systems. In short: The story of Venjakob is a story of growth. Throughout the years we have steadily expanded our skills and expertise. In fact, these have evolved based on the requirements that our customers had for us and our solutions. Our customers, on the other hand, have developed one thing first and foremost: Trust in us. Because our solutions work. After all, they don’t just look like they are made especially for you – they actually are. Each of our systems is designed specifically for the task it is intended to complete: Your task.  

Individual, comprehensive, integrated – this is our mission

Being the market leader, the technological leader, being top-quality – that is the vision that drives us. Custom-designed solutions are how we accomplish our goal: To be first-class in what we do and how we do it. This requires us not to think in individual process steps, but to take a broader, comprehensive view of what is involved in a process. And we are prepared to do just that! That's why today we no longer just produce staining machines, but coating and finishing systems. And not just systems for coating, but also for pretreatment and subsequent drying. And as a solution always consists of more than the production line itself, we also include all project management tasks. From A to Z. For every industry. For anything that needs industrial coating. For you.     

Innovation, integrity, performance – the values that guide us

Innovation – that's what we at Venjakob have created from the very start. We had to, because our customers required it. High performance is a must for anyone who wants to survive in demanding markets – and nothing shows the difference between a merely good result and an excellent one more clearly than a finish. Integrity is the foundation of any successful relationship with customers. It describes the degree of trust that distinguishes a long-term customer relationship. It’s the trust in our expertise and ability to fulfill accepted orders – in the agreed time, in the desired and required quality and with the willingness to be right by your side and make everything work as it should. With Venjakob, you get all of it and more. No matter if we’re working for a small or medium-sized company or an internationally active group of companies. We understand both: Handshake agreements and specification sheets.       

We want to make our customers truly happy, not just satisfy them, and that has been true for over three generations. Comprehensive customized system solutions from A-Z are our world. That is why we listen to our customers so carefully. Over decades, our team has maintained a passion for developing high-performance, frequently unique solutions. The greatest incentive for our actions is to win our customers’ lasting trust.

Venjakob milestones

Areas of application

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