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Comprehensive solutions start with consulting and planning

First comes the consultation, then the solution. Between these steps there are planning and project scheduling, testing and production. Comprehensive solutions require an eye for unique situations. Your project is unique. And that’s how we treat it. This is because the requirements for a coating system or exhaust air purification system differ depending on the industry and region, the company and the product. That is exactly why we do not offer you standardized products, but tailor-made systems. Customized, tailor-made products require a comprehensive perspective and qualified planning, otherwise your new industrial plant will not meet your requirements. That is why, at Venjakob, we start every project with a thorough analysis of the actual existing requirements and conditions. Only when our experts fully understand your production requirements can we support you in optimizing your manufacturing processes with our systems and automation.

We know our business – and yours

As a company, we now have over sixty years of experience in strategic consulting and planning of customized plant technology. We know what matters. That’s because we and all of our expert employees have developed an eye for incorporating all aspects of industrial plant design and special machine engineering into the planning process. We analyze your investment and operating costs, design and plan your plant and offer you the option of integrating additional manufacturing processes into your industrial plant at any time, thanks to our modular design. In short, our business is to find you the ideal comprehensive solution for material conveying, pretreatment, coating and drying.

Everything from a single source: Digital transformation included

The world is becoming ever more complex. Industrial plants are no exception. So it’s great to have a partner by your side who makes sure that even the complicated things remain easy to understand. A partner like Venjakob. We make digital transformation and automation go hand in hand. That is why Industry 4.0 is an integral part of our consulting and planning process, right from the start. After all, new industrial plants can't do without it. But it has to be intuitive and easy to understand. Our experts at Venjakob specialize in incorporating factors such as digital transformation and automation into the design and planning of coating and finishing lines. This also includes advising you on the most cost-effective system solutions. After all, that’s part of developing a system that meets your specific requirements: Creating systems that are guaranteed to be tailor-made and at the cutting edge of plant technology.

Our word is our commitment.

A promise is a promise. And what we promise, we deliver. What we start, we finish. We record customer requirements in detail. Each quote is preceded by a detailed analysis of your requirements. We understand both: Handshake agreements and specification sheets – this depends entirely on the size of the order.

Interested? Then let us advise you – on your comprehensive solution.

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