We’ll keep it to dry facts: With our drying systems, water and solvents stand no chance

At Venjakob we offer a whole range of convection dryers for particularly efficient drying of freshly coated industrial products. The principle is simple: The use of heat combined with forced air movement removes moisture from the freshly coated goods being dried. Our hot air dryers are tailored to different types of objects, coatings and workpiece materials. To put a finer point on it: no matter how large your product portfolio is, our convection dryers will give you optimal results.  

Customized design, modular structure – convection dryers for your requirements

Like your entire Venjakob plant, the drying technology is tailored to your specific requirements. The modular design ensures that all components fit together perfectly and permits future expansion or additions at any time – for example, if your requirements have changed and you need to coat and dry larger quantities. Of course this means that integrating additional drying systems – whether UV dryers or infrared dryers – is no problem. 

Different designs for different requirements

Every production line has space. You just have to make some. We practically always find a solution. For instance, in the drying technology segment, we offer space-saving versions of our circulating air dryers as multi-level dryers or vertical dryers. They are ideal for high capacities and operate with lengthwise or cross-ventilation, depending on your requirements. An intelligent ventilation system ensures uniform ventilation of all workpieces in the dryer. Our convection dryers are available with or without belt pallets. Depending on the configuration, you enjoy maximum flexibility, as our dryers can be loaded and emptied fully automatically via Venjakob control technology. You can set separate drying times for each batch.

Plant technology

Circulating air drying – the process 

Venjakob offers various circulating air dryers or hot air drying systems that absorb moisture and solvents and gently dry the coating material. To avoid high concentrations, exhaust air flows are discharged. The dryers operate at an air temperature of 30-250 °C (86 to 480°F). 

Flexible in operation – the heating media

You can operate our Venjakob convection dryers flexibly with the following heating media: 

  • Gas
  • Steam
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Thermal oil

Highly versatile – the areas of application

Our Venjakob circulating air dryers are used in numerous industries 

  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Building materials 

Venjakob’s drying system portfolio offers you perfect conditions for drying any kind of material. Just for instance, drying coated wood products is possible at comparatively low temperatures. That's good for the wood – and good for the environment. 

Highly beneficial – the advantages 

  • Gentle and fast drying results 
  • High performance
  • Suitable for a wide range of materials
  • Different drying processes, tailored to your requirements
  • Robust and durable construction with modular expansion options
  • Comprehensive services
  • Suitable for integration into production processes

And should drying take a little longer, we have the solution for you

Some things just take a little longer. Sometimes that’s even true for the drying process. Solvent-based coating systems in particular require especially gentle and therefore often time-consuming drying if you want perfect surface quality. If you lack the space for intermediate storage and want to avoid transport costs or risks of damage, then our space-saving solutions that combine convection drying with innovative conveyor systems are just what you need.


Your contact

Interested? Questions about our industrial convection dryers or about drying technology in general? Then let's talk! We will be happy to advise you on drying and coating. We look forward to your inquiry. 

Infrared dryers

UV dryers

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