Surface­ activation to improve wettability

Optimum pretreatment through surface activation

High-quality surface activation is often indispensable for optimum coating and finishing of workpieces. Modern surface pretreatment has been part of Venjakob's product range for a long time. We would like to explain why exactly surface activation is so important for the success and quality of further surface treatments. 

Many materials do not have the necessary surface tension for further processing, such as glue application or coating. This may be a result of surface disruptions due to cavities or pores or it may be due to the chemical structure of the substrate, in which constituent substances or processing aids diffuse to the component surface and create non-polar (low-energy) surfaces there. These non-polar (low-energy) surfaces can be transformed into polar (high-energy) surfaces by activating them, that is, by changing the top molecular layer of the component. This improves the wettability of these activated surfaces, making it easier to apply coats and finishes. 

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