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Robots are used for more and more material handling tasks. In fact, that’s exactly what they’re made for: as they are extremely precise, compact and easy to integrate in existing processes, they help make repetitive assembly line tasks more efficient, reduce errors and conserve material. You could say they can be programmed to increase efficiency – and customized for any requirement. Robots can be tailored to a wide variety of tasks.
Automation through robotics has become indispensable in conveyor systems.  Conveyor systems | Handling technology

Where industrial robots make a real difference – the areas of application: 

  • Loading and unloading
  • Rotating and turning
  • Transferring
  • Pick and place
VenMove Robot Delschen. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
Robot solution for feeding
VenMove Robot Kawasaki. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
Transfer of heavy workpieces
Robotik Raystal Screen. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
Loading pipe couplings (size-adjustable grippers)
Robotik PVD Felgen. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
Removal of aluminum rims by a robot

Industrial robots for all kinds of applications 

No matter which objects or applications you are dealing with, Venjakob offers integration of industrial robots from renowned manufacturers into automation concepts tailored precisely to your requirements. And we provide you with a comprehensive control system to allow you to reliably operate and easily maintain your complete plant. We would also like you to know: We and our US subsidiary Nutro Inc. have successfully implemented numerous projects for workpieces in a wide variety of different shapes and size. And we support the automatic detection of irregularly arranged workpieces through intelligent sensor and camera technology.Our approach is to always select the robot system based on your specific requirement profile. Whatever you need, we’re flexible whether it is a stand-alone solution or a fully integratedsolution for your production line.

All of these are good reasons to get in touch with us 

So: If you would like to make your production process as efficient as possible with modern mechatronics and would like to increase your productivity through cutting-edge robot systems and automation we are happy to be the partner at your side. If your workpieces are heavy or unwieldy and you would like to make work physically easier for your employees, Venjakob robot systems are the perfect solution. Simply get in contact with us! Our team will develop a customized robot-based automation solution for your requirements – no matter how unique they are. Our robotics solutions are state of the art. Put your trust in our many years of experience in the design and implementation of modern automation for greater efficiency and higher productivity in your operation.  

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Conveyor systems | Handling technology

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