Cleaning systems for perfect surfaces

Dust removal systems and industrial workpiece cleaning

Efficient surface cleaning of workpieces is absolutely essential to prevent contamination of industrially manufactured end products. It is used to remove unwanted layers or particles from component surfaces, thereby guaranteeing maximum cleanliness. Venjakob provides specially designed dust removal, cleaning and degreasing systems to ensure flawless further processing of your workpieces in subsequent processes such as paint coating, galvanizing or hardening of construction elements. By investing in one of our high-quality systems for workpiece cleaning, you can avoid high costs for follow-up processes and complaints and ensure high availability and cost-effectiveness in daily use.

We offer sophisticated, customized cleaning systems that more than meet the ever-increasing demands on the quality and cleanliness of your products and form the basis for high-quality coating. Adjusting individual parameters makes it possible to adapt the cleaning effect precisely to the required task and integrate it optimally in the process.

Versatile cleaning systems

Sustainable integration of cleaning systems in plant processes

Venjakob surface cleaning equipment can be used as a stand-alone solution, or integrated as an upstream process into existing equipment and production chains. As experts in industrial plants, we make sure that each plant is adapted to the local conditions, the available budget and any other specific requirements our customers may have.

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Simply tell us your requirements and we will be happy to advise you on the selection of the ideal cleaning process or the configuration of an efficient dust removal and ionization system.

Activation process

Abrasive process

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