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There are a lot of coating and finishing system manufacturers in this world, but only one of them is like Venjakob. We tailor your system fully to your requirements. We offer you unparalleled know-how developed over 60 years in the business. Our coating and finishing systems are used in almost every industry. Our machines can be found in Germany, in the US and in many other countries around the world. What is particularly surprising is that hardly any of our systems are alike. That is because each is a unique product. We develop and produce them to order so that you, our customers, can apply coats and finishes to your products; feeding, pretreatment, drying and exhaust air purification included. We handle the whole process.

Application methods for practically any case

Sometimes you need to coat a flat surface. At other times you are dealing with three-dimensional workpiece geometries – large ones, small ones, big batches, small batches. And there are so many different materials that coating materials have to adhere to. These are topics that any coating system manufacturer has to deal with. At Venjakob, we do so while keeping our eyes on our top priority: the satisfaction of your customers. Because if your customers are satisfied, you will be, too. Based on our customers’ differing requirements, the Venjakob Group and our US subsidiary Nutro Inc. offer a wide variety of coating systems for processing almost any coating material, such as 1-component and 2-component coatings, water-based coatings, solvent-based coatings and UV coatings. Venjakob offers innovative coating processes for a wide range of coating purposes. Application processes are available for practically any liquid coatings, materials and workpiece geometries

Coating methods

  • Spraying
  • Flow coating
  • Dip coating
  • Roller coating

Coating purpose

  • Effect finishes
  • Decorative finishes
  • Functional finishes
  • Adhesive | Stain | Sol gel etc.

Coating systems and spray booths from a passionate manufacturer

When it comes to coating and finishing, our customers are often spoiled for choice. Spray coating, roller coatingflow coating or dip coating? For effect finishes, decorative finishes or a functional finish? Let’s put it this way: All roads lead to Rome. But if you are looking for a coating system or spray booth manufacturer, the best road to your solution leads directly through Rheda-Wiedenbrück. At Venjakob, we help you find the right solution for your business and production needs. With customized planning and “Quality – Made in Germany” we manufacture your tailor-made machines for industrial coating and finishing. Benefit from the forward-looking modular design of our systems and increase the quality of your coated and finished surfaces. Precisely configurable process control technology and modern solutions for plant visualization let you achieve reproducible results at a consistently high level of quality. As we mentioned, we always keep both things in mind: Your satisfaction – and that of your customers.

An innovative solution for your industrial coating needs

Benefit from our decades of cross-industry experience as a manufacturer of efficient and high-performance coating and finishing solutions – ready to use, from a single source! From stand-alone machines to full customized production lines – for batch sizes of one all the way to complete industrial plants. At Venjakob, we have been developing customized coating and finishing systems in collaboration with our customers since 1963. These meet even the most stringent requirements and respond flexibly to changing conditions. As a global coating equipment manufacturer distributing our products worldwide, we ensure high availability and the best surface quality – regardless of where in the world our coating systems and state-of-the-art solutions are used. Our experienced team has already developed, implemented and expanded many high-performance concepts for the most diverse areas of plant engineering and for industrial coating and finishing. Our engineers, programmers and service technicians look forward to facing a new challenge together with you.

We test technology in our technical center

Our technical center is the best place for finding out what works and what you’re aiming for. This is yet another service that not just any coating system or spray booth manufacturer will offer – or can offer – you. But we do. In fact, we have two technical centers. One at our main location, at our headquarters in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany. One at our company Nutro Inc. in Strongsville, USA. If you want to know how we think, what guides us and why we do what we do, why not schedule an appointment with us and drop by? We would be happy to give you a tour through the "brains" of our R&D department. For some first impressions, check out our Venjakob Maschinenbau plant tour right here.

A unique solution requires a comprehensive perspective

A coating system is never just a coating system – and it never just "produces" a surface. It refines a product: Your product. It gives it precisely the surface, the finish, that will convince your customers, that is aesthetically pleasing, functionally necessary and sometimes even the icing on the cake in terms of quality. The fact that coating and finishing systems are only one component in a comprehensive system for us is part of our company's philosophy. It would be easy if this component and all the other modules could be combined just like that. But it’s actually not quite that simple. It takes a lot of experience in implementation. But we have that experience. And part of our expertise consists of making things look easy for our customers when they actually require a lot of concentration and focus. We have both. We also have a high level of efficiency. We’re the full package and we will help you find your perfect solution quickly.

What sets Venjakob apart as a manufacturer of coating and finishing systems

Maybe you’re not even looking to acquire a plant. Maybe you’re just looking for information here? Maybe you are only interested in a specific module? For instance, in spray booths. Or in specific processes such as spraying, flow/dip coating or roller coating. Or in drying systems. Or in exhaust air purification. Or maybe you just want to learn what sets Venjakob apart from other coating system manufacturers? Whatever brought you to this page – you are in the right place. The answer to all the questions mentioned at the start is this: At Venjakob we offer you:

  1. Our aspiration: We develop customized plant concepts for coating/finishing systems. Not standardized, but state-of-the-art. Not off the shelf, but based specifically on customer requirements. Our aspiration is to provide you with a solution that really helps you and solves your coating problem. Our promise is: that we will develop this solution together with you through personal collaboration based on mutual trust. This is the standard by which we have let ourselves be judged for now 60 years.
  2. Our portfolio: You can use it fully, or not at all, or only part of it. To whatever extent you make use of our portfolio, we promise you that our contribution will get you closer to mastering your coating task. In the short term. In the medium term. And in the long term. That’s because our solutions include coating and finishing systems that you can later expand with systems for surface pretreatment or automation or drying technology or exhaust air purification or all of it at once.
  3. Our system: If you take advantage of our portfolio, we will supply you with the perfect coating system for your needs. And a coating system from Venjakob makes all the difference. Even just because it’s designed especially for you. Let us give you a system that is designed for your requirements, adapted to your capacities, tailored to your facilities.

Your contact

Our aspiration, our portfolio, our system – at Venjakob, we provide everything from a single source. From planning to commissioning. Perfect technology for coating the surfaces of your products. For your production. For your industry. With the service you want. Take advantage of our expert consulting services to find out how you can optimize your production and which type of industrial coating is suitable for your needs. Let us turn your dream system into a reality and convince you with our quality and reliability. Why not see for yourself and get in contact with us, your partner in coating and finishing systems?

Drying technology


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