Venjakob finishing systems
for the automotive industry

High-quality, professional, brilliant – solutions for automotive interiors and exteriors

The automotive industry needs finishing systems like a car needs four wheels. Practically the entire interior and exterior of a car has a finish that is intended to look classy, be scratch-proof and light-fast and absolutely must not get rusty. Venjakob finishing systems play a crucial role in this segment. We are a tier 1 partner for many suppliers in the automotive industry. We do business with numerous OEMs – and with market leaders in the industry. We know what they need. And they know that we deliver: Products that are, as in all the other industries we serve, custom-designed, top-quality and implemented on site. Precisely tailored systems for any application in industrial coating and finishing. Be it for car interiors, interior parts made of high-quality plastic, wood or metal, which must be particularly resistant and scratch-proof. Be it for exterior parts such as the radiator grille, wing mirrors or even car windshields. Thanks to professional finishing technology, all these parts are protected from wear and corrosion and end up looking fantastic – for example, with a brilliant, multi-color finish.  

In short: Our excellent finishing systems for the automotive industry will help you achieve exactly the results and precisely the perfect coating for your components that your client demands. No matter the size or shape you need. They will also protect your workpieces. And our company offers a special advantage: We supply complete solutions that integrate pretreatment for subsequent finishing processes into your serial production workflow. Venjakob will give you a system specifically tailored to the automotive industry.

Lackieranlage Nanogate für die Automobilindustrie. Venjakob Macshinenbau.
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Precise, tailored, future-proof – mechanical engineering for the automotive industry

At Venjakob we know the stringent production requirements of the automotive industry. That is exactly why we offer you professional mechanical engineering that is precisely tailored to established processes. Just like our aerospace industry projects, which we likewise support with our customized plant engineering, the automotive industry relies on future-proof system solutions. At Venjakob we are experts in these industries.  We are your partner for technical coating and finishing. Take, for instance, chassis parts, where we specialize in the application of efficient adhesion promoters on rubber-metal joints, or the many other production processes in the manufacture or coating and finishing of components. Other possible uses for Venjakob systems in the automotive industry include the application of adhesives to brake pads or the hydrophobic coating of front and rear windows.

Finishing concepts for the automotive industry

At Venjakob we have implemented countless finishing concepts for the automotive and automotive supplier industry. The range of pieces coated is as diverse as the coating materials used. 

Excerpt of automotive parts coated on Venjakob equipment

  • Interior and exterior parts
  • Wheels | Hubcaps
  • Brake discs
  • Car windows
  • Seals
  • Chassis parts
  • Body components
  • Housings | Cover caps


Success stories

A novel process –
When coating replaces foil application

The battery cell is the heart of any electric car. More and more German car makers produce their own battery cells. Among other advantages, this decision improves their environmental balance. At the same time, the continued optimization of battery cell production is in full swing. And Venjakob is a major contributor: with innovative ideas and highly efficient solutions. For example, with a fully automated system for the manufacturer of a German premium brand that coats battery cells in various formats in a continuous process – thereby eliminating the need for foil application. 

The right coating solution for any requirement

Requirements for coating processes may differ significantly based on the coating material system and workpiece geometry. In this section, we would like to present three Venjakob coating lines that have made a crucial contribution to the success of a contract coating company. 

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Cross-industry know-how, customized solutions – Venjakob offers both

Be it surface technology specially designed for plastics, be it special machine construction for the automotive industry: Venjakob is your industry expert for all areas of application – from surface pretreatment through coating and finishing to various workpiece surface treatment methods. This is the foundation on which we develop customized, efficient systems for coating, drying and exhaust air purification. We also offer automation and conveyor technology. This is precisely what has made us a partner for manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry.


Interested? Then let's talk! About your customized comprehensive solution for the automotive industry. 


Special solutions

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