Commissioning by Venjakob

For a smooth interaction of people and machinery

Alright! The consultation is done, the planning is completed, your order has been scheduled and your plant has been produced. The next steps are assembly and commissioning. It goes without saying that we remain by your side for the full process. After your system has undergone acceptance at our final production facility, we deliver the system to you, assemble it and commission it. We do so together with you and your specialist personnel, who, at this time, will also receive the comprehensive training required to operate your Venjakob system. So what does this look like in detail?

The commissioning process, step by step

After assembling the machine and establishing its connections, our commissioning team leaders and programmers first test all wiring, the sensors, the actuators and the safety technology of your plant. When integrating third-party machines into the production line, we also test the interlocking system and the interfaces. After adjusting the transport speed and completing a successful check of all plant components, the mechatronics and the line interlock, we start dry-run commissioning of your systems. During this process, we test the future operation with workpieces – but without a coating process, hence “dry”. Any complications are quickly resolved at this stage. Once dry-run commissioning runs smoothly, we repeat the whole process, but with coating this time. During this process we use precisely those parameters that we have determined in our joint coating trials at our technical center .

Following commissioning, we train your operating and maintenance personnel. Your employees learn and practice all processing steps. At your request, we will of course remain available to you for service work and mechanical engineering consultation.

  • Networking of individual machines to form a production line
  • Testing of wiring, sensors and safety technology
  • Dry-run commissioning of your plant
  • Commissioning with coating process
  • Training of operators and maintenance personnel
Venjakob Maschinenbau.

Interesting facts

The Venjakob production workshops include a welding shop, a paint shop, large assembly areas and our own control cabinet construction. All this contributes significantly to shortening the lead times of our mechanical engineering production. Using these different manufacturing processes and other offers that are part of our service portfolio, we meet our customers’ quality requirements every time, no matter how stringent the demands. And it goes without saying that we also comply with any standards relevant for the product manufacturing process, from start to finish. 

Great digital skills – including IoT and Industry 4.0

Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, the digitalization of your plant – all of these are the expected standard nowadays. But Venjakob gives you more than just that: State of the art! Technologically advanced, intelligently networked machines and systems require specialized knowledge in handling, operation and maintenance – and that is true even at the point of commissioning. So it almost goes without saying that we also provide you with expert support in the fields of IoT, Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.

Interested in more information about Venjakob plant engineering – from consulting to commissioning? Then let's talk! About your customized solution:


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