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A customized mechanical engineering solution including automation technology is a complex challenge. This makes it all the more important to stay on top of everything at all stages. And that’s what we offer. We manage every single step of strategy, design and planning – in other words, everything from the quote phase to full commissioning. You’re in direct contact with our project engineer, who will document all necessary measures and offered services together with you. This is part of our mechanical engineering consultation. And it is a process that we are confident will pay off for you, every time.

Perfectly planned – reliably scheduled

So exactly how does project planning with Venjakob work? Usually potential customers, who are looking for a solution for their very specific requirements, approach us. We offer cross-industry system solutions, which we plan, develop and produce ourselves. Cross-industry expertise is one thing, technology leadership is another. But the two are related. After all, in the sixty years of our existence, we have acquired and continuously expanded our now unique experience and expertise in practically all industries. Regionally and internationally. That’s why Venjakob can offer you state-of-the-art equipment and plant design: Made in Germany, designed, planned and produced in our own machine production. Including automation technology and handling technology, systematically integrated into customer processes.

In short: we offer you guaranteed quality with reliable adherence to delivery dates. The proof is in the countless projects we have successfully implemented all around the world. And we guarantee support and availability of required plant components for our customers around the globe. Not just now but in the long term.

We’ll meet the challenge together – your requirements and our implementation

Of course, there are large and small projects. That goes without saying. But for us there is only one quality standard: Meeting your requirements and providing you with the solution you need – regardless of "how big" your project is. That means: We focus on getting our recommendations to line up with your requests. We develop your solution on a foundation based entirely on your technical needs. The solution itself may consist of individual machines or complete production chains. You should also know that we offer stand-alone solutions on request – and that the subsequent expansion of your system remains possible at any time. What we always bring to the table is this: An open mind for your requirements and a high degree of creativity and precision to create a solution for your coating task and mechanical engineering challenge – all within the agreed-upon time frame. Adherence to deadlines and transparency at every stage of our joint project are crucial for us. Just as they are for you.

So commissioning is done – what’s next?

Our partnership does not end with completion of assembly and successful commissioning. We stay by your side to support you afterwards. Be it for calibration and maintenance of your system, be it for potentially required expansions, be it for new projects at additional locations – wherever you produce, wherever we can support you.

Interested? Then let's talk – about your customized Venjakob coating system.

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