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Employees are the heart of every company. The more skills they have, the better they are trained, the more they know, the more efficiently they act and the more they can accomplish. And as a rule, this also increases motivation. Plant-specific training courses from Venjakob frequently have this effect. With efficient, memorable, clearly structured training, we help increase your output, enhance your system safety and improve the value of your business – while also minimizing costs. As you can see, our training offers real added value for you, your employees and your company. Our Venjakob service offers you a wide range of these plant-specific training courses. 

What makes our plant-specific training courses so special

  • We provide your employees with the know-how to analyze and correct errors quickly. This ensures problem-free operation of your plant, reduces downtime and scrap, and leads to production results of consistently high quality.
  • We teach your employees to diagnose and eliminate problems themselves. This doesn’t just improve your operating personnel’s independence and expertise, but also promotes efficiency, motivation and satisfaction. As a result, this will help your employees identify more strongly with their work, your company and its products.
  • Last but not least, our training courses contribute to maintaining the value of your machines, as more expert handling and constant professional plant maintenance will ensure that their condition and performance are preserved.

Training in mechanical engineering for maximum efficiency


Targeted, individual, tailored -

Our training course precisely for your plant Figure Venjakob certificate

Our training courses are like our plants – tailored precisely to your requirements. For our training courses, this means: we design them exactly for your plant so that your employees don’t just learn what is important in theory, but can also apply it in practice. This makes our training the ideal development measure for machine operators and operating companies alike. And we keep in mind the specific age and condition of your equipment as well as the local conditions. After participation, we will give your employees a certificate that qualifies them to handle our equipment correctly.

Our training services include plant support, commissioning training and follow-up training. Our service portfolio also includes conventional operator training as well as training for maintenance and remote maintenance of machines. We teach your operating staff all the basics required for a successful and smooth start and restart when setting up new or used machines, whether during commissioning or after retrofitting. We are here to help, especially when it comes to passing on and preserving knowledge and experience in dealing with older or used equipment. All these measures contribute to guaranteeing safety and productivity and to maintaining plant availability in the long term.   

Virtual, global, successful – using product training worldwide

Nowadays almost anything is possible: for example, through use of VR glasses, which permit training with the help of virtual reality. The advantage of this is that training can be conducted anywhere in the world – because our training personnel do not have to travel in the first place (saving you travel expenses), or because we can train your operating personnel at your various production sites at the same time. Including, if you like, before production ever launches. So we meet in a virtual space – and look at your plant through the same eyes – or rather, through the same glasses: VR glasses.  It’s almost as good as a personal meeting. And – as in the cases we described – sometimes much more efficient.

Interested? In a training course for your employees? Just ask our service team. They will be happy to advise you on all matters relating to plant-specific training at your company.

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