Abrasive surface­ cleaning

Effective cleaning through blasting

Abrasive cleaning methods are used in industrial environments to thoroughly clean the surfaces of workpieces by wearing away contaminants and to prepare the workpieces for subsequent processes, such as adhesive application or finishing processes. Abrasive cleaning methods are used to remove contamination from a wide variety of substrates and roughen these surfaces. Abrasive cleaning methods are particularly suitable for removing rust and lacquer, as sandblasting, for instance, has an excellent abrasion effect on the substrate. 

In addition, abrasive processes can also be used to sand workpieces between two coating steps. The process referred to as intermediate lacquer sanding improves the feel of the subsequently applied coating material. It improves the coating results and makes them last longer. 

Venjakob offers two abrasive cleaning methods for surface pretreatment

In both processes, material is removed from the surface of the workpiece. Brushing | sanding | smoothing systems are therefore not only used for pretreatment and cleaning, but also for intermediate sanding in the coating process. 

Customized plant technology for a wide range of industrial processes

Our systems for abrasive cleaning are used in a wide range of applications. All industries, such as the furniture industry, the steel processing industry, the automotive and aerospace industry, already benefit from our customized cleaning systems for long-term process optimization. Are you currently rethinking your processes and wondering whether we might have the ideal solution for you? One that is specially tailored to your requirements and adaptable to future challenges? For sure! Simply contact us. Our experienced engineers will be happy to listen closely and advise you. 

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