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Tailor-made, special, original – coating and finishing technology for unusual cases

Our solutions for cleaning | pretreatment | activation | drying | automation | exhaust air purification are used in a wide range of industrial sectors worldwide.  All of our systems have one thing in common: they are reliable & effective. And they are custom-designed. Tailored precisely to the requirements of our customers. Even those customers that are not in surface technology. Would you like some examples? We supply exhaust air purification systems for the pharmaceutical industry, substrate dryers for the building materials industry and our cleaning systems are used in the steel industry. In short: Our experience is in demand across industries. Our approach of designing customized solutions is well received everywhere. It is virtually perfect for developing special solutions for special applications. And even if “inventiveness” sounds a bit like tinkering and improvisation, being a little inventive is, at times, an essential element.

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Customized, made-to-measure, tailored to your needs – our systems

For some things there are products, others require solutions. And somebody needs to find and develop these solutions. That is what we specialize in. Our development process is highly systematic and involves close collaboration with you, our customer. Together, we identify the exact production challenges that require a special solution. On the basis of this consultation and analysis, we start the planning and design engineering process for special machine construction. Thanks to our decades of cross-industry experience, we have found a solution practically every time – a special solution.   

Special, unique, tailor-made – for every single industry

The very term special solution is no coincidence: It basically refers to something extraordinary – all those cases that are not the rule, but still happen so often that you can't ignore them either. We have the expertise to handle these cases. Cases like those listed below:  

  • Fully automatic coating system for concrete umbrella stands
  • Shuttle gantry system for pretreatment of fuel tanks
  • Core drying systems for foundry cores
  • Vulcanizing tunnel for rubber pacifiers and baby bottle nipples
  • Dip coating system for railroad track securing systems
  • Spray coating line for roof tiles
  • Powder coating system with inductive powder fusion for chassis parts
  • Various coating systems for coating brakes and brake elements
  • Adhesive coating for brake pad carrier
  • Bonding agent coating for chassis suspension parts
  • Coating systems for door lock components

We’re the partner at your side, whatever you may need: We can provide any application related to industrial coating and finishing

Where did we acquire our cross-industry process experience? In plant engineering for coating and finishing lines. Throughout the decades, our work in this sector allowed us to develop precisely the skills that make us so good at designing and building special systems. That’s because this sector, too, is all about adapting thoroughly to the requirements of the production environment in question, finding ways to increase efficiency, and ensuring product quality. Even there, in our core segment, that is the typical systems for surface treatment, surface coating and drying, special systems are not uncommon: for example for substrate drying in the building materials industry or cleaning and degreasing systems for the steel industry. 

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