Wood finishing with Venjakob coating and finishing systems

Applying finishes to wood is a complex process. You do it to protect the wood and water-proof it, but sometimes also to apply adhesives or improve appearance. This process involves not just varnishes, but also oils and glazes. After all, the finish not only protects, it also changes and refines the look and feel. Venjakob finishing systems contribute significantly to this process. We develop customized coating and finishing systems for high-quality wood finishing for customers in a wide variety of different industries and sectors. Our systems handle genuine wood surfaces, laminated surfaces or filled and laminated surfaces. From raw wood to prefab slabs, we offer the best application methods.

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Modern application systems for wood finishing

Venjakob offers a broad portfolio of coating|finishing systems for wooden workpieces and wood finishing. We tailor your system precisely to your requirements. We will always find the best finishing solution for your application! No matter whether you’re looking for a system to handle single-piece batches or serial production, a stand-alone solution or a complete finishing line. Let us give you an overview of the range of processes we specialize in.

Wood finishing with spray coating systems

Venjakob develops, manufactures and implements spray coating systems for customers in a wide range of industries – be it for building materials, construction elements, glass, metal, automotive or aerospace. And for wood | furniture. This process uses spray materials such as 1-component or 2-component coatings, water-based coatings, solvent-based coatings, UV-curing coatings or even a combination of different coatings, but also oils, stains and adhesives. Ultimately, it is liquid materials that spray guns, i.e. rotary atomizers, apply to the surface of the wood. The spray gun variants are Air, Airmix, Airless and electrostatic/bell. Here you can learn more about our Venjakob spray coating systems.

Flow coating of wood

During flow coating, the coating material – i.e. the glazes, waterproofing or primers – washes over the workpieces being coated. The excess material is blown off, discharged and reprocessed and can then be reused. This means: The flow coating process is efficient, effective and sustainable – especially for four-sided coating of a workpiece. It is recommended for coating exterior window parts, building profiles and profiles & moldings. Learn more about the Venjakob flow coating process and its advantages here.

Dip coating – a highly efficient method

Dip coating works a little like flow coating, except the coating material does not wash over the workpieces being coated. Instead, they are completely immersed in it. In fact, this is probably the simplest coating process – and it also has an absolutely excellent degree of efficiency: Up to 99 percent. Dip coating is integrated into a complete line that also includes drying, a drip-off zone and other modules. Learn everything there is to know about Venjakob dip coating systems here.

Application on wood: From raw wood to prefab slabs

Venjakob has the right process expertise 

  • Real wood surface
  • Laminated surface
  • Filled surface
  • Textured surface

Coating flat or complex wooden workpieces

Whatever the geometry of your workpiece, Venjakob has a wide range of application methods at its disposal, such as 


Applications for Venjakob systems range from waterproofing through adhesive application to high-gloss finishing. The extremely flexible design of our concepts will fully satisfy your expectations in the application of effect, decorative and functional finishes.


Spray coating line for coating and drying matte surfaces

For Nolte Küchen, a fully automatic system for spray coating and drying matte surfaces was to be used at the Löhne plant. Venjakob was awarded the contract as general contractor for the implementation of the complete system including conveyor technology.

Semi-automatic coating solution with driven roller conveyor for the production of interiors

Coating solutions for workshops are less about machine utilization and more about flexibility, speed, and reducing the workload of the few employees. For this reference customer, the short delivery time and commissioning of the coating system within a period of four weeks also played a major role. The VEN SPRAY ONE automatic coating system is an affordable stand-alone solution for semi-automatic coating, designed to meet the needs of these businesses.

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Reliable process development

Based on the requirements of the coating material and the workpiece being coated, Venjakob develops the ideal process for you. In doing so, we make use of the best surface pretreatment, coating and drying systems for you. Put your trust in the industry expert. We combine cutting-edge technologies and time-tested processes. With our solutions, professional serial finishing of wood becomes child’s play. Venjakob systems guarantee high-quality, reproducible surface qualities: precise, effective and gentle on the material. East Westphalia is one of the hotspots of traditional furniture manufacturing in Europe and our home region. For over 60 years, furniture manufacturers have relied on Venjakob’s profound expertise. Venjakob has the necessary know-how and decades of experience in the development and design of coating processes that meet all requirements. Layer by layer, multi-layer, thin or thick – whatever you need: We’ll be by your side to find a solution. For you – and your multi-layer wood finish.            

That is why we are experts in wood finishing

To summarize: Wood finishing means, simply, that a layer is applied to wood that is to be used as a material. However, “wood” isn’t just one material – the variety of woods ranges from solid wood panels to glued wood panels and blockboards to plywood panels and chipboard. But even the items in this list require further differentiation. Even just the solid wood requires a distinction to be made between softwood and hardwood. Between spruce, pine, fir and many others on the one hand, and oak, beech or cherry on the other – not to mention the variety of tropical woods, for example, mahogany. Further distinctions can be made between the stronger heartwood and the more susceptible sapwood. Which finish is appropriate for which wood also depends on the intended use – be it indoors or outdoors. This means: The sheer variety of wood types and the wide range of uses for wooden components and furniture, both indoors and outdoors, requires there to be a broad selection of possible coating materials – varnishes and glazes, oil or wax. Not to mention multi-layer buildups of primer and other layers. Whether thin or thick – Venjakob has the right solution. For any application. Even from batch size one.

We’ll be by your side to find a way. For you – and your multi-layer wood finish.

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