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The positive impact of exhaust air purification on your operating cost  

You want to protect the environment and your energy balance? We offer you an intelligent combination of exhaust air purification and energy recovery when planning your production system. The bottom line is that this sometimes leads to a positive energy balance. That is to say: Your Venjakob Umwelttechnik exhaust air purification and energy recovery system reduces both, your CO2 emissions and your operating cost.    


Thermalölerhitzer. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
Energierueckgewinnung Wassererhitzung. Venjakob Maschinenbau.

Using released energy – the process

This environmentally friendly process is based on the use of heat generated by burning solvents during the purification of VOC-contaminated exhaust air streams. Heat exchangers provide heat recovery – also referred to as recuperation. This recovery, optionally via an energy storage system, allows the otherwise unused energy to be reused in the form of surplus heat – for example to heat the production process or the building system.  

Worth it every time – the applications

Nowadays, energy recovery systems can be used to great benefit after any type of exhaust air purification.

Doubly beneficial – the advantages 

Protect the environment and save money energy recovery helps you reduce unnecessary emissions and lower your operating costs:

  • Improvement of the CO2 balance
  • Saving primary energy in process or space heating systems
  • Combining several systems in one plant

Basically all plants and their different cleaning processes have potential for energy recovery. As expert consultants for plant engineering, our technicians and engineers design a suitable concept for energy recovery for your processes, based entirely on your requests and requirements, and implement it at your site. It goes without saying that we keep technical, economic and ecological aspects in mind when developing the perfect solution for you. 

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Interested? Then let's talk! About your customized system and exhaust air purification with energy recovery.  

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