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Abrasive, intensive, effective – workpiece cleaning through blasting

Abrasive, intensive, effective – workpiece cleaning through blasting
Depending on the degree of contamination and the properties of the surface, abrasive workpiece cleaning is the method of choice. As in all segments, Venjakob offers a wide range of variants and a variety of blasting media so you can design your cleaning process flexibly and adapt it to your needs. The strength of blasting allows these cleaning systems to achieve particularly thorough cleaning results. Simply put, blasting is the ideal basic cleaning process for contaminated workpieces. 

Not just effective, but efficient – the benefits of blasting

Blasting is a process that literally blasts the dirt off the surface. Under high pressure, the air pushes the abrasive onto the workpiece. This detaches any dirt – no matter how stubborn. At Venjakob, we make sure that the blasting agents are used economically. That is to say, our blasting machines are efficient and effective at the same time – and conserve resources, too.

High-pressure blasting – how does it work?

So what do we mean by removing stubborn contamination? We’re talking about severe contamination such as paint, rust or patina, which must be removed from metal or steel. This works best when another abrasive such as sand, glass beads, corundum, nutshells or plastic granules is added to the compressed air blasting process. As an alternative, the compressed air blasting process can also use solid carbon dioxide – in other words, the substance referred to as “dry ice”. 

Deburring through CO2 blasting technology

CO2 blasting technology is a process variant used for cleaning and deburring castings, sintered and thermoset parts. Learn more about this process under CO2 snow blasting.  

Areas of application and use cases

Abrasive processes are used to clean surfaces, particularly to prepare them for adhesive application or coating processes. 

The advantages of Venjakob blasting technology and sandblasting machines

Like all our equipment, our Venjakob sandblasting systems are not simply standardized products. They, too, are customized and tailored to your specific requirements and can be integrated into your complete system or supplied as a stand-alone solution. And in all cases, our systems don’t just look like they were made just for you, they actually are.

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