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Effective, decorative, functional – glass finishes

Glass has to withstand a lot of strain. It is used for a wide variety of applications. Just take, for instance, its climate control function – in photovoltaic systems or as facade windows and in vehicles. But of course it is also used in the domestic sphere. All these applications require finishes. And in all the applications named here, the glass has a finish. Venjakob offers solutions for any of these applications. We design systems for effect finishes, decorative finishes and functional finishes. Of course, this means that the applied materials and system concepts are highly diverse. Flat, plane-parallel glass panes run horizontally through surface finishing systems; for geometrically shaped glass panes, such as rear windows or shower stalls, there are special systems – likewise permitting coating in a continuous flow. That is why every glass finishing solution designed by us is unique. They are also highly cost-effective and conserve resources. You can benefit from our experience and from the quality and consistency of our solutions.

Lackieranlage Candeo für Glas. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
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Hydrophobic, hydrophilic and much, much more – functional finishes for glass

Based entirely on your requirements, we design finishing systems for hydrophobic and hydrophilic finishes as well as functional finishes for sun protection, privacy or heat protection. These are solutions for manufacturers of architectural glass or safety glass. Or, yet another option: Special finishes for glass panes with a self-cleaning function that protects against dirt, stains or fingerprints. 

Common glass variants

Glass decorates, protects and looks good. Most manufacturers produce one of the following glass variants:

  • Decorative glass
  • Functional glass - hydrophobic, hydrophilic
  • Architectural glass - facade glass, window panes
  • Safety glass - heat-resistant, shatterproof or bulletproof


For glass and window panes that protect, decorate and look good, we offer technologically sophisticated applications that contribute significantly to fulfilling this function:

  • Sol gel application for reducing reflections and increasing efficiency
  • Hydrophobization and hydrophilization of glass surfaces (lotus effect) and self-cleaning
  • For the application of pasty substances to protect functional layers, for example anti-fingerprint
  • Primers and lacquers of all kinds

Flat, shaped, curved – cross-sector high-tech solutions

The self-cleaning lotus effect is not only in demand in architecture, but also in the automotive sector. This means: Glass as a carrier material is not always flat, but, in front and rear windows, often curved. We find solutions for these requirements: coating systems for geometrically shaped glass panes. And these are in great demand not only in the automotive industry, but also among manufacturers who produce, for instance, shower stalls. That’s what we mean when we talk about cross-industry solution-finding expertise.

Solar, modular, brilliant – coatings for photovoltaic applications

Solar cells and photovoltaic systems are already widespread – and will soon be at home on all roofs. They are yet another application for which highly efficient coating technologies are indispensable. At Venjakob, we offer precisely those technologies: For example, plant concepts for the surface treatment of solar modules with sol gel. This high-tech coating reduces sunlight reflection, thereby improving the refractive index. The benefit: Your photovoltaic surfaces will convert radiation into electrical energy much more effectively. 

Protects, refines, preserves – the benefits of glass coating

Glass is great. Its applications are practically uncountable. And a coating on top makes it even more useful. Our system concepts for coating your glass components and window panes help to increase the quality of your products and maximize their service life and durability. After all, the better the coating protects your products, the longer they will remain functional.  


Tailor-made, clear as glass, comprehensive – complete systems for glass finishing

Hydrophobizing, hydrophilizing, self-cleaning, mirror coating, anti-reflective finishes – anything you want can be achieved with our equipment. Including heat and energy recovery. We will be happy to advise you and design your customized concept for glass finishing and surface protection of your products. This concept can include everything that’s essential to your production process, from surface pretreatment through the actual coating and drying process to automation and exhaust air purification. In doing so, we take into account economic aspects and ensure compliance with current European environmental regulations.   


Interested? Then let's talk! About your custom-designed system for coating your glass components, panes and windows. You want a crystal-clear solution, we’ve got it. Let's see what is possible!

Special solutions

Construction elements

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