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Drying technology is one of the most crucial steps in the surface finishing process. After all, only ideal evaporation, activation, drying, curing or cooling leads to the desired final result of a perfect surface. Are you looking for expandable and therefore versatile future-proof plant technology for drying coating materials? We excel in that field. We have been planning unique, customized drying systems based on our customers’ request and requirements for over 60 years.

The importance of the drying process for surface quality

Depending on the coating material, the workpiece may have to be pre-heated before the actual drying process begins. After application, it is important to dry the substrate particularly gently, yet quickly. Depending on the coating material, the wet material film may be dried through physical drying or chemical curing. The quality of the drying process is essential for the final surface quality. We integrate our drying systems directly into your production process.

Venjakob offers customized drying systems precisely for your requirements:

We work with three methods in many variations and versions adapted to your application. Venjakob drying technology allows you to to dry and cure your products gently, quickly, fast or even ultra-fast.

What distinguishes Venjakob convection dryers from other dryers

Industrial convection dryers – often simply called circulating air dryers – offer excellent drying results. At Venjakob, we offer a wide range of designs for this purpose to dry your freshly coated industrial products very efficiently by applying heat to the products being dried on the one hand, and removing moisture on the other hand. Our drying solutions are available as space-saving lengthwise-/cross-ventilated multi-level dryers|vertical dryers and offer high capacities. The sophisticated ventilation system provides even and thorough ventilation to all parts of the dryer. Our options are available with or without belt pallets to give you maximum flexibility of configuration. Sophisticated Venjakob control systems permit fully automatic loading and unloading as well as batch-specific drying times. Our modular hot air dryers are designed for a wide range of objects, coating material types and workpiece materials. This means they can be adapted fully to your specific requirements. And if required – for example, if your production process requirements change – they can be expanded in a modular manner at any time to include additional drying systems or even other components such as additional coating and finishing systems, surface pretreatment and automation or exhaust air purification.

In conclusion: The advantages of a Venjakob convection dryer

If you want gentle and fast drying results for a wide range of materials and you want the system to deliver great performance, then you are well advised to choose a Venjakob convection drying system. With it, you will get exactly the drying results you want, tailored to your requirements. The system is designed to be robust and durable and can be integrated into your production process, with modular expansion remaining an option at any time. And you should know: comprehensive services are also included.

If you need things to go fast, a Venjakob UV dryer is perfect for you

Intensive UV irradiation cures UV coating systems in a matter of seconds. These UV channels require little space and enable you to run fast production processes. The number of emitters and lamps required varies depending on the type of substrate, the throughput speed, the application quantities and the workpiece geometry. At Venjakob you have a choice of conventional Ga, Hg and iron doping or LED technology. Our UV lamps are characterized by low wear and tear combined with a long service life. If you ever do need to replace the lamps, the modular design permits quick access and easy replacement. Venjakob UV dryers ensure homogeneous curing of the material surface while being particularly gentle on your workpieces. For temperature-sensitive materials, the cold mirror offers the additional advantage of reducing reflected IR radiation.

In conclusion: All of this makes a Venjakob UV dryer a great choice.

With Venjakob UV curing technology, you will benefit from extremely short curing times.

Long, medium or short wavelengths – Venjakob infrared dryers can do it all

Reduce drying times and improve surface quality – Venjakob infrared drying technology makes it possible. It combines surface evaporation with targeted heat input into the interior of the coating layer. This effectively prevents premature closure of the surface. The coating dries evenly from the inside out – and extremely quickly. No skin formation. No bubbles. Brilliant surface quality. This is surface drying with Venjakob infrared technology – perfect for temperature-sensitive workpieces.

In conclusion: Venjakob infrared dryers are a safe investment for the future

With our IR dryers, you are well prepared for whatever comes your way. These easily accessible, modular drying systems can be adapted to all your requirements. You get the flexibility you need – and preserve it for the future.

Design variants for Venjakob drying systems

Via a channel, in continuous flow, on multiple levels or using pallets – Venjakob offers you the design that best suits you and your requirements:

  • Drying channel
  • High dryers | Vertical dryers
  • Multi-level dryers
  • Pallet dryers
  • Continuous dryers

Drying technology – tailored to meet your requirements

Time and space cannot be ignored. Space is always crucial. After all, the question that always comes up first is: How much space is available for which drying method? What is the best way to integrate your drying system in your production line? And then, if not before, time becomes a factor: How do you achieve the required output? How fast does the drying process have to be? In automated production processes, additional challenges often arise from tight spaces or the rapid availability of dried workpieces. With the development of special drying systems, we provide solutions for all these problems: from forced continuous drying, with high air speed if requested, and space-saving solutions to infrared, UV and microwave dryers – as a single drying machine or integrated into your production line. We will find a way.

Our drying systems work quickly, gently and efficiently

Drying is necessary all over the world. And we deliver solutions to every part of the world. Climate differences can sometimes make a world of difference. High humidity. High temperatures. Or low ones. Legal requirements may vary but must always be taken into account. In short: during the development of any drying system, there are factors that are best considered during planning to avoid nasty surprises after commissioning. As an internationally operating systems manufacturer, Venjakob knows what it takes to account for all conditions and legal requirements, such as VOC directives, to ensure perfect surface quality. In addition to gentle drying, we also attach great importance to particularly careful handling of the product. Through use of state-of-the-art technology, our plants are particularly efficient and conserve resources. This is possible thanks to our experienced employees, who work together with you, our customers, to develop customized solutions. Solutions that are sure to impress. All around the world. We have a long list of references to back up that claim: customized drying solutions from Venjakob, which are in use in numerous companies all over the world.

Drying technology as part of a complete line

That means: As experts, manufacturers and suppliers of custom-designed coating and finishing systems, we now have over sixty years of experience in the development of complete plants as well as all components such as surface pretreatment, conveying technology, coating technology and, of course, drying equipment and drying technologies. Developing equipment for coating products and goods of all kinds is our core expertise. We specialize in designing and manufacturing machines that deliver outstanding performance. They are designed and built for long-term use. They are suitable for any application. From user-friendly controls along the entire process, through fans, ventilation and heat exchangers to discharge of your finished, perfectly dried products with a hardened surface, Venjakob drying systems will make sure you are prepared for whatever may come your way.

Let’s talk! We look forward to doing business with you.

So how do you get your hands on your own Venjakob drying system? That’s easy! You have already taken the first step: You have researched drying technology and come across Venjakob, Germany. In general, users of our site then contact us directly with an inquiry. We will then coordinate an initial appointment either at your company or at our site in Rheda-Wiedenbrück. Through close communication, we settle the basic questions of how we can best support you. What industry are you in? What kind of production are we talking about? What purpose should the coating or drying system serve? Which functions are indispensable? What are the advantages of the system as a whole? Which model will best suit your products? Once that is done, we start planning. We develop your system. Either as a complete system – or as exactly the stand-alone solution you need. We simulate the process flows of your system at our technical center – for example, we pay attention to aspects such as energy efficiency or how to improve the air quality. We will discuss the results with you. In every single step. In the end, we will produce your customized plant concept and, after final acceptance at our final production, hand it over to you. Of course you can count on our help during assembly and commissioning – just as we will remain at your disposal afterwards, for maintenance or expansion of your Venjakob system. Witness our expertise in the field of complete coating systems in general and drying systems in particular for yourself and make your personal appointment right away – we look forward to your inquiry.

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Witness our expertise in the field of drying systems for yourself and make your personal appointment right away – we look forward to your inquiry. 

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