The Venjakob Technical Center

Test your system under real production conditions

Not everyone has a technical center. We have two. One at our headquarters in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, one in the USA at our subsidiary Nutro Inc. in Strongsville, Ohio.  But whether you’re here with us in North-Rhine Westphalia or in Ohio, in our technical center we offer you, our customers, the opportunity to test your products and the finish selected for them under real production conditions when planning new systems and processes. This industrial system test includes the workpiece pretreatment, the automatic coating process and drying of the workpieces. Our technical center and sales team will support you in optimizing your products and processes. For example, through root cause analysis and failure analysis under real production conditions. You get to determine the environmental influences going into the test procedures. This allows you to identify any vulnerabilities that may exist beforehand and perform any necessary environmental tests.

Customer-oriented, focused and strong in consulting – your Venjakob Team

Thanks to our diversified network of manufacturers, Venjakob develops exclusively customer-oriented solutions. Your highly qualified Venjakob team will give you expert advice on the right choice of components for pumps, spray guns or 2-component systems. Come and see for yourself what unique testing options and methods our technical center can offer you.

Application methods

Test the ideal application process for decorative and functional finishes on the materials of your choice.


Pretreatment is an essential part of any coating process. In our technical center, you can test a wide variety of processes – be it cleaning processes such as dust removal with ionization or CO2 snow blasting, be it flame treatment or plasma activation.

  • Coating system with and without paper belt
  • Coating systems with wet and dry extraction
  • Robot coating systems
  • Molding coating system with Coolac®System
  • Roller coaters
  • Coating material recovery

Drying | Curing

You won’t get anywhere without pretreatment and coating. But after that, you need a drying and curing process, too. So it’s good to know which method is ideal for your needs. In our technical center you can test convection dryers, jet dryers up to 200°C (390°F), infrared dryers, microwave dryers and Hydrex dryers as well as curing processes using UV dryers and LED UV dryers.

Interested? Then why not make an appointment and come by? It will be worth your time.


Industry 4.0

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