Machine production at Venjakob

A high vertical range of manufacture is key

Of course, it’s not strictly necessary to do everything yourself. But if you do, you’re in the best position to guarantee high quality. And we do. Of course, even at Venjakob we sometimes use carefully selected suppliers for specific parts. But whenever we can manufacture something in-house, we do, because we consider a high vertical range of manufacture extremely important. This means your entire system – from the first pipe section and sheet metal part to coating and assembly – is created at our production facility.

Why not take a little tour – through our machine outfit

We would like to invite you to take a close look at our production facilities. To start, let us tell you only this much: Our machine outfit has a lot to offer. Our production contains all the machinery necessary for processing pipe-shaped, round and flat materials, as well as sheet metal parts. This includes:

  • Machine tools
  • Processing machines
  • Denibbing machines
  • Cutting machines
  • Laser machines

In addition, our production workshops include a welding shop, a paint shop, large assembly areas and our own control cabinet construction. This significantly reduces the throughput times of our machine production. With our manufacturing processes and our other services, we ensure that we meet our customers' high quality requirements – and comply with all standards that are relevant throughout the entire product development process.

Expertise is key – and we employ true experts

We manufacture every component ourselves – from sheet metal to control cabinet. This requires know-how and a sure instinct. Our employees have both. They turn, mill, tighten screws, assemble – until all that needs to run, runs perfectly: Specifically, your system. 50% of our workforce works at our production facilities or at our customers' sites. Together with you.

Anlagenbau Produktion CNC. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
Folding | Bending machine
Venjakob-Beschichtungsanlagen-Vormontage. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
Final assembly of belt cleaning device for window parts
Mechatronikerin bei Venjakob Maschinenbau.
In-house control cabinet construction
Lagerlogistiker bei Venjakob Maschinenbau.
Extensive stock of spare parts

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly – plants from a single source

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001. Both certifications are proof of our quality standards on the one hand and our sustainability awareness on the other. In addition, the numerous products we have developed, some of which are patented, help our customers to produce in an energy-efficient, economical and environmentally friendly manner.

Unique and flexible – our production lines for your production

Thanks to our high vertical range of manufacture and the extremely well-trained production specialists we employ, Venjakob can implement your specific requirements precisely as agreed. One of our strengths is our flexibility in terms of space and personnel, which allows us to adapt to new or changed customer requirements in machine production, even at short notice. For instance, in “Industry 4.0“. Just for example, we are already developing concepts to increase both the attractiveness of production for your employees and the effectiveness of plant engineering and special machine construction. This means we incorporate major cutting-edge technologies right from the start – such as cost-efficient production starting at batch sizes of 1. If you consider this important, we are the perfect partner for you. And of course this is not limited to matters of batch size.

Our staff is great – and, more importantly, well-qualified: We know, because we trained them!

Seeing as we handle almost everything ourselves, because vertical integration is so important to us, it just makes sense to train our own staff. And we do. This lets us teach precisely the specific expertise that is critical to the equipment we produce for you. After all, work on the product itself, special skills in craftsmanship and dexterity are basic requirements for the production of our machine and plant components. The apprenticeships we offer:

  • Precision mechanic with a focus on mechanical engineering
  • Mechatronics technician
  • Machine operator
  • Process technician for coating technology

During their apprenticeship, our apprentices pass through all departments relevant to their training, familiarizing themselves with all operational requirements in the respective areas. Within this framework, we give our apprentices the opportunity to test and develop their individual motivations and suitability for the respective areas. Promoting careers in mechanical engineering and creating the necessary expertise does not just benefit us as an employer, it also benefits our customers. And of course our junior staff and our entire workforce. After all, our role as an apprenticeship company is precisely what ensures our employees’ strong identification with our company and their extremely high job satisfaction. So it is no coincidence that we have been awarded the title of Top 100 Employer.

As an experienced expert in machine production, we would be pleased to show you the value of our professional expertise and our comprehensive services. Simply make a personal appointment with us – we look forward to meeting you.

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