Venjakob Mechanical Engineering Services –
Diverse and Professional

Mechanical design services, from troubleshooting to specialized training

The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us, as a manufacturer of technologically advanced and tailored systems with a long service life. Gaining their trust and developing a strong customer relationship take top priority for the Venjakob team. And that can also be seen in the service business, with Venjakob covering a whole host of segments such as assembly and installation, spare parts services, teleservice, inspection and maintenance, and special training courses. Working with our customers, we overcome challenges of all kinds, with each side benefiting from Venjakob’s mechanical design services. 

Benefit from our mechanical engineering services

For us at Venjakob, service begins with the installation and commissioning of your new system. Our Venjakob Service is based on a rotating business model: all of our employees have the ability to carry out any of the work, from installation of our machinery to machine maintenance and retrofits. Trained service technicians see to your concerns with a high degree of professionalism, including in especially urgent situations, and ensure functioning technology that plays a key role in multi-shift operation in particular. Specialized knowledge is primarily required when continuous production processes and spatial requirements need to be taken into account – another skill included in our mechanical engineering services.

Thanks to the diversity of our services, your company can benefit from maximum productivity and continuous deliverability. We tailor our mechanical engineering services to your specific requirements, so that they maintain the value of your systems and allow you to exploit the full potential of effective, wear-resistant systems. Another component of our strategy is ensuring reproducible surface qualities throughout the entire service life of our systems.

In addition to mechanical engineering, Venjakob has also gradually expanded its range of services in recent years. Thanks to our advancing digitization activities and state-of-the-art communications, our customers around the world can reach us in no time if there’s a problem. Sophisticated technologies allow our specialists to examine and maintain machines with remote troubleshooting and remote maintenance. If there are more serious problems, specialized installers can be on-site within a very short period of time. The Venjakob team is, by nature, eager to overcome challenges.

Overview of Venjakob’s mechanicaldesign services

As a global, medium-sized, family-run company, we’d like to offer our customers more than just perfect machines: even after system installation, we’re the ones to call for processes such as maintenance, optimization, and training. 

An overview of our mechanical engineering services:

  • Quick contact
  • Prompt problem correction
  • Comprehensive warehouse for spare and wear parts
  • Professional remote troubleshooting, including remote maintenance
  • Expert installation, maintenance, and repair
  • Efficient retrofitting
  • Practical machine training
Picture Venjakob Service team

In emergency cases, you can reach us on our Venjakob hotline at any time, including on the weekend, of course! 
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