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We promise: Your Finishing Line. Our Process Experience. This slogan represents our aim not to sell you products, but to offer you solutions: customized systems that are tailored precisely to your requirements. For the entire process. This begins with consultation – and certainly does not end with assembly and installation. In short: for us, service is part of your solution. That is why our range of services is just as modular and custom-designed as our systems. For us, being accessible is the foundation of our relationship with our customers: We’re by your side, no matter where you are. And if we can’t be there in person, because it is simply faster and more cost-effective to help you digitally, then we are confident you will be fully satisfied by our remote diagnostics and teleservice.

Comprehensive, versatile, qualified – from remote diagnosis to specialized training

For us, service begins with the assembly and installation of your system and, if desired, extends all the way to inspection and maintenance. Another important key feature is our reliable spare parts service, which helps you keep everything running as it should. With our teleservice and remote maintenance, we often prevent damage before it even has a chance to occur. And, of course, we offer special training courses for your technical staff. Is there a service you would like that you don’t see listed here? If so, give us a call – we are always available: via our emergency hotline even 24/7, 365 days a year.

Trained, adept, experienced – our service employees

It's good to know that our service staff truly have what it takes. That’s all thanks to a method, or rather a model, that has proven its worth in recent years and is constantly being optimized: At Venjakob, we rotate our service staff. In other words, every one of them passes through all areas – from installation, assembly and commissioning to plant maintenance and retrofitting. This way, you can be sure that trained service technicians will take expert care of your issue. Especially when it really counts – in particularly urgent situations, in multi-shift operation, taking into account your ongoing production processes and the available space.  

Reliable, safe, value-preserving – our services

Our range of services serves only one purpose: Helping you combine maximum productivity with delivery reliability. Maintaining the value of your plant in the long term, optimizing utilization of its full potential, and ensuring reproducible surface qualities are all standard for us. We achieve this by tailoring our services to your requirements – just like your entire plant. You determine the scope of our services yourself.

Personal, patented, present – digital when possible, on-site when necessary

Our range of services has steadily grown with our plant engineering business in the past years. We have expanded bit by bit. And we have – of course – become increasingly digital. In short: It’s not just that our systems are Industry 4.0-capable, it’s not just that our control technology runs digitally – if required and requested, we can also access it digitally. Via remote diagnostics, remote maintenance and teleservice – remote and yet personal. And if it turns out your problem can’t be solved that way, our service staff will simply come visit you to solve the problem in person. When you need us in person, we’ll be there – promptly, quickly, wherever you are.     

Our standards, our portfolio, your security

Together we are stronger than apart. A customized solution makes everything run smoother than a standardized product. This mindset is an integral part of our company philosophy and shapes all our actions. Maybe it's because we are a family business. We think in processes, in phases that build on each other. And so, consulting, planning and design are followed by production, assembly and commissioning of your custom-designed plant. And then, to maintain the quality you expect from us, by our service modules – including maintenance, training, optimization.    

Our services in mechanical engineering at a glance:

  • Fast availability
  • Immediate troubleshooting
  • Extensive spare and wear parts stock
  • Professional remote diagnosis incl. remote maintenance
  • Professional assembly, maintenance and repair
  • Efficient retrofitting
  • Plant-specific training based on real operating conditions
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Your contact

If you have an emergency, you can reach us at any time at our Venjakob hotline – even on weekends!

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