Adsorption plants from Venjakob

Increased concentration with a rotary adsorber

The adsorption plant (AD) from Venjakob Umwelttechnik is used to increase concentrations in weakly-loaded exhaust air flows. It is particularly suitable for the removal of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in extremely low to medium concentrations. 


VenClean Air AD. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
Ven Clean Air 
VenClean Air AD. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
Concentration system 
VenClean Air AD+Energierückgewinnungsanlage. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
Ven Clean Air AD 
Energierückgewinnungsanlage. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
Energy recovery 

Increasing concentrations in weakly loaded exhaust air – the process

This process converts a large exhaust air stream that is weakly loaded with pollutants into a small exhaust air stream that is heavily loaded with pollutants. A rotary adsorber with zeolite as adsorbent is used for this process.   

Once dust has been removed, the exhaust air passes through the adsorption zone of the concentration rotor. There, most of the pollutants are adsorbed on the hydrophobic zeolite. After leaving the rotor, the exhaust air has only very low residual contamination well below the permissible limits. In the subsequent desorption zone, the air pollutants are expelled again by a small stream of hot air. This small air stream with a high pollutant concentration is then cleaned in either a thermal, regenerative or catalytic incinerator.  

In the third zone, the previously heated zeolite is cooled again to prepare it for pollutant adsorption. The continuous rotation of the rotor through the various segments enables uninterrupted and fluctuation-free operation. The ratio of exhaust air volume to desorption air volume determines the concentration ratio.  

Highly versatile – the areas of application

Typical fields of application for adsorption plants include coating systems in the automotive and automotive supplier industry. They are also often used by paint manufacturers, in the semiconductor industry and in packaging print. 

Cost-effective, safe, low-maintenance – the advantages 

Compared to thermal systems, adsorption or concentration systems permit considerable reductions in operating cost. In autothermal operation, they can even be used at low pollutant concentrations. Depending on the application or pollutant composition, a variety of adapted zeolites are available. The uptake of activity-reducing humidity is low. The system is low-maintenance and has a long service life. Unlike in activated carbon systems, there is no risk of spontaneous combustion. The adsorption systems of Venjakob Umwelttechnik achieve concentration ratios of up to approx. 25:1 in a single-stage design. Sounds good? That’s because it’s a clean solution!  

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