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"Get Connected" - Ligna 2019

LIGNA 2019: Making more out of wood & get connected with Venjakob!  

At LIGNA 2019, Venjakob invites visitors to make a different experience with the company:


  • with the state of the art
  • with the future
  • with the team

The “state of the art - area” focuses on technical capabilities.

Venjakob is displaying a spray coating machine while utilizing RFID tags to set up the machine parameters.

The Venjakob dashboard supplemented by the tapio solution demonstrates how to make use of machine data to monitor the production process, to predict maintenance or to make analysis for management decisions.

Last but not least, the company demonstrates how easily and fast the customers can get service support which exceeds the known remote service features. 

The arrival of a service technician is not required. The operator on site receives target-oriented support from a Venjakob specialist by using the Venjakob service app in combination with a smart phone, tablet or data glasses.

The “future-area
will give a forecast about digital additions which Venjakob is going to realize in the near future.

 “Get connected with the team
is an invitation to become more familiar with the Venjakob Group to understand what the company and its´ staff stands for: experience and reliability.

Venjakob Hall 16 / Booth C22