On site worldwide with AR-Service-App

How do you provide fast and professional assistance in the event of complex system mal-functions in times like these, when contacts and travel are limited or are only possible with a great deal of time and effort? “Beam me up, Scotty!” would be the motto on Star Trek. At the machine manufacturer Venjakob, the real-time support works up-to-date via an augmented reality solution.

AR Service App. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
Venjakob Service App
AR Service App. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
Transfer of pipe sleeves from the container using a flexible magnetic gripper

Whoever operates a Venjakob machine should remain completely relaxed regarding machine availability, even in tense situations. This is why Venjakob relied on modern IT solutions in technical support at an early stage. For example, since 2002, the Remote Service has been used to remotely access the control system of the customer’s machine. The latest achievement was finally presented to the public in spring 2019, at the Ligna trade show in Hanover: a dedicated AR-Service app.

The goal of the new augmented reality solution: When eliminating system malfunctions or providing additional assistance, the support provided by the service technician should function just as well as if he were on site. Language barriers or technical explanations by the system operator, such as those encountered during telephone support, no longer play a role with the AR-Service app. The company describes its “Digital Service” as follows: By means of AR glasses, called Smart Glasses, a Smartphone or tablet, the service technician can follow the eyes of the system operator on site from a distance and guide him.

Augmented reality is more than just a gimmick

How do Venjakob customers accept the AR-Service app? Christian Frenzel from the technical support: “The customers react positively to it because errors can be detected and processed faster. There were cautious reactions at first. But as soon as someone experiences how the app helps them, augmented reality is no longer dismissed as a gimmick”.

Currently, the AR-Service app is not only used to correct system faults, but also to optimize process sequences or to provide assistance when the remote system cannot be accessed via the customer’s PC. Venjakob is glad to have gained experience with this new technology. Due to the ongoing travel restrictions, the demand for the digital service is expected to increase rapidly.

Coating every second

The entire coating process – from loading at the loading station through the individual processing stations to removal – takes place completely without external intervention. The conveyor technology used for the fully automatic handling, including the control technology, was planned, developed, built and installed by Venjakob at Vyksa. The system is designed for a wide range of pipe sleeves types. Round pipe sleeves with an outer diameter of 73 mm to a maximum of 450 mm, a length of 100 mm to a maximum of 330 mm and a weight of 2.34 kg to 47 kg can be processed. The performance of the system is related to the diameter and length of the sleeves. The maximum output is 225 sleeves per hour, which corresponds to a cycle time of 16 seconds per sleeve. With the largest sleeve type, the output would be 60 sleeves per hour, which corresponds to a cycle time of 60 seconds per sleeve. The average cycle time for a sleeve with a diameter of 300 mm and a length of 250 mm is 25 seconds.


New circulating air system reduces energy consumption

Fully automated coupling coating for different requirements

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