Kitchen manufacturer counts on surface expertise

When it comes to spray coating, the Scandinavian premium kitchen manufacturer Kvänum Kök AB relies on the solutions from Venjakob, the mechanical engineering company. Through the perfect combination of existing and new machines, the automated coating system has become a highly efficient complete system that is also flexible.

VEN SPRAY COMFORT. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
Coating machine VEN SPRAY COMFORT
Partner Schweden vor Ven Spray Comfort. Venjakob Maschinenbau.

Kvänum Kök, the long-established furniture manufacturer located in the township of Kvänum in Westgotland, has received numerous international design awards for its exclusive kitchens. The surface finish of the different woods plays a key role in the extensive range offered here. In order to improve the efficiency of the coating process at Kvänum Kök while maintaining a consistently high level of quality, the existing coating line needed to be replaced with new machinery.

”The spraying machine is the heart of the coating line”

In addition to a brushing machine and a drying system, the spray coating machine was also in need of replacement. Kvänum Kök’s Project Manager Andreas Persson describes the situation thus: “The previous machine was already operating for 15 years and began to need more and more maintenance”. Because the spraying machine is the heart of the coating line, adds Persson, the decision for the VEN SPRAY COMFORT from Venjakob was made only after intensive market research. Vedum Kök, the sister company, was also questioned in detail about the efficiency of the Venjakob machine it has been operating for some time. “It was the combination of good machine references, the recommendation of the paint manufacturer Sherwin Williams, and the terrific service package of Venjakob’s partner Jon Stenberg that finally tipped the scales in favor of investing in this machine,” explains Persson.

Automation even for small batches

The new spray coating machine is equipped with a modern color management system that also enables quick color changes of multi-component paints. The system is so flexible that it can even process smaller batches, which previously had to be spray coated by hand. Persson sees a great advantage in this: “We use established settings to guarantee the quality and reproducibility of the surfaces.“

Successful production launch due to trained team

Thanks to the great cooperation between the Kwänum Kök team, the Venjakob team and Jon Stenberg, who supervised the organization of the entire order process, the new spray coating machine was successfully integrated into the overall plant within the scheduled time frame. Production began directly after the in-house training, since the team being trained for this purpose were able to build upon many years of experience handling spray coating machines already.

Andreas Persson followed up saying, “The decision for the VEN SPRAY COMFORT was the right one. Everyday operation has shown that the required cleaning times have decreased compared to what they were before, and productivity has actually increased.”


Color variety on a broad front

Venjakob coating robots

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