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The metal and mechanical engineering sector is one of the largest industrial sectors in Germany. The professional options in this sector are as diverse as the products it develops and produces.

Venjakob owes the implementation and introduction of new technologies to the ideas and inventive genius of our employees. Of course, this means that we are always looking for qualified young talents.

Let us get you excited about technology.

After school you enter a new phase of your life with many different professional paths open for the taking, but making the right decision is far from easy. If you have always been interested in the mechanisms of technology and you would like to contribute to the creation of large machines and installations, check out our Careers page to learn more about different apprenticeship opportunities.

Still not sure? The VDMA (Association of German Mechanical and Plant Engineering) has made a short clip to explain why an apprenticeship in the mechanical engineering sector is a great option for you. Check it out.