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Seeing our coating robots coat workpieces is pretty stunning. Large parts, small parts, one part, many parts, from below, from above, from the side, on flat surfaces, one after the other, from left to right or connected in series. Their precision never ceases to amaze us – even though we programmed these coating robots and developed the robot concepts ourselves. It’s a fact: Coating robots in Venjakob coating and finishing systems have what it takes – and apply what it takes, namely the material to make your product perfect. They’re reliable, automatic, perfect for automated coating in repetitive uniformity, highly efficient and nothing will stop them from completing their task. Unless you switch them off, of course. For instance, for maintenance. But even then they are sure to bring you joy: When you switch them on again.  

Customized coating robot concepts - made by Venjakob

As you can see: Developing innovative, tailor-made coating robot concepts for customized coating solutions is our passion. We have been offering our customers customized coating and finishing systems since 1963. Robot concepts were not initially part of our portfolio. However, automation and robot systems have been playing an increasingly important role in the highly varied coating processes that we design for our customers. The field of robotics – that much is certain – will become even more important for us in the future. The people who benefit from this are our customers. Including – if you want – you.  

Beschickung. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
Beschichtung. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
UV Trocknung. Venjakob Maschinenbau.
UV drying
Entnahme. Venjakob Maschinenbau.

From automatic coating systems to complete automation

To automate production, a variety of robots are used for many of the process steps required for surface technology. This includes steps such as workpiece handling, pretreatment, application or even integration in coating dryers. Venjakob uses robots from a wide range of manufacturers throughout the entire process: Be it an automatic coating system that is particularly suitable for complex workpiece geometries, be it a handling robot for a complete automation solution.

Intelligent robot solutions such as automatic spray guns

No one knows as much about what users need as the users themselves. Our sales engineers and application technicians combine decades of experience with the expertise of our service technicians and the creativity of our product developers to create powerful concepts. But no matter how powerful a concept is, the only way to optimize it is to take the customer’s specific requirements into account. And that is precisely where we differ from many other providers: We focus on close collaboration with our customers, both in the development of our robot concepts and in the design of our systems. Customized system concepts are a matter of knowing how to adapt – to the specific task, to the system user’s goals, to the processes, the products, the quality requirements and the quantities to be produced. This requires comprehensive knowledge of coating processes, knowledge of materials – and, of course, expertise in automated handling and the use of robotics. For instance, when a coating robot needs to be integrated in a plant. 

It’s the details that matter

So what does the journey to your automation solution, to your automatic spray gun, to your coating robot look like? At the beginning, there are always a lot of questions. Sounds complicated? Not at all. On the contrary, these questions create the foundation for a successful collaboration, for trust and mutual understanding. Which products are involved? What purpose, what use are they intended for? Which coating materials are used? All this data, all these details are necessary to design the robot for the functions it will carry out. Depending on the industry, company and application, the information is absolutely essential to us. For you this means that the more we know about the purpose of products, about what they are supposed to do – and what role the coating and finish play in this – the more precisely we can determine whether an automatic spray gun is actually the best solution for you; and if so, what exactly it must be able to do to achieve the quality you require.         

Uses and benefits

The advantage of an automatic spray gun is its long-term use. Once programmed and set, it coats as much and as long as it’s supposed to and you want it to. In consistent quality at all times. Meaning: Once the system concept has been defined and approved, the system has been produced and tested, the assembly and adjustment, the entire implementation has been completed, your coating robot will pay for itself with every coated workpiece. Piece by piece, layer by layer, in the medium term and even more so in the long term. Automatic coating systems are used in practically all industries – in spray coating systems for wood and furniture, coating systems for metal, building materials or construction elements, or in the automotive or aerospace sectors, among others. Products, quantities and the complexity of the coating differ not only from industry to industry, but also from product to product within a single industry.        

Shaping the future: From the initial idea to reality

“Shaping the future” – that always sounds a bit grandiose. But it’s extremely accurate when you consider how far-reaching each and every one of our decisions is. Given that, you can feel safer if you have opted for a high-performance solution that – like an automated coating system from Venjakob – pays for itself quickly and ensures the quality of your products. You no longer need to think about an important factor in your medium to long-term process planning. It’s even better if this decision also gives you enough flexibility to not just do business successfully, but also to react quickly and appropriately if necessary – for example, to unforeseeable market developments. The modular system concept from Venjakob offers you precisely this freedom. In us you will find a partner who can expand, supplement or optimize your existing system as required. Shaping the future – as we at Venjakob understand it – is therefore not grandiose at all, but down-to-earth. We tackle the specific problem areas together with you – in a practical fashion. And in a pragmatic one. Without losing sight of your overarching goals, but precisely in order to pursue and achieve them all the better. A coating robot or system automation are just some of the components from our broad portfolio of solutions. Tell us about your requirements. What expectations do you have of the next generation of coating solutions that uses robot technology? What are your recurring issues in your daily work with existing technologies? Which robot solutions are suitable for the task that is important to you? We offer a plethora of solutions to choose from – and tailor them precisely to your task.  

Tried, tested and proven - your coating robot and our technical center

You’re curious and would like to contribute to developing new solutions that will directly benefit you and your company? Then get in contact with Mr. Gert große Deters, our business unit manager for general industry and plastics. He doesn’t want to simply develop special solutions as part of a customer order. Instead – like all of us at Venjakob – he wants to take on board all ideas and use them to develop new, even more customer-oriented robot concept solutions. That is what we have done with all our solutions – and that is what we do with our robot concepts. As always, we do not send any of our coating robots on their journey untested. We always test the practical operation of this automation technology at our own technical center. We put the robot through its paces, testing for programming and performance. Why not have a look at our technical center yourself? For example, during a first introductory meeting with zero obligations on your part. We look forward to it! And to turning your requests into reality and implementing your suggestions. Play an active role in shaping the next generation of robot application lines.


Interested? Then let's talk! About a special solution for any application – or more generally about the plant that will help you get ahead. 

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