The adsorption system provided by Venjakob Umwelttechnik is designed to concentrate exhaust air flows with a low concentration of pollutants and is ideal for removing air pollutants containing solvent (VOC) in very low to medium concentrations.


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Expertise in concentrating exhaust air with a low concentration of pollutants

This method converts a large exhaust air flow with a low concentration of pollutants into a small exhaust air flow with a high concentration of pollutants. This concentration method uses a rotary adsorber with zeolite as the adsorbent.

Once the dust has been removed, the exhaust air is guided through the adsorption zone of the concentration rotor, where virtually all of the pollutants are adsorbed by the hydrophobic zeolite. Once it leaves the rotor, the exhaust air contains minimal residual impurities that are far below the threshold values permitted. The air pollutants are expelled again with a small, hot stream of air inside the subsequent desorption zone. This small stream of air with a higher concentration of pollutants is then purified in a thermal, regenerative thermal, or catalytic oxidizer.

In the third zone, the preheated zeolite is cooled again and made available for further pollutant adsorption. The continuous turning of the concentration rotor through the various rotor segments enables uninterrupted, fluctuation-free operation. The ratio between the amount of exhaust air and desorption air determines the concentration ratio.

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Example applications for concentration based on adsorption

Concentration systems are used, for example, in conjunction with coating machines in a variety of areas such as the automotive, supply, and semiconductor industries, paint production, and packaging printing.


Adsorption system for increased savings potential

Adsorption and concentration systems offer significant savings in operating costs compared to purely thermal systems and often enable autothermal operation even in cases of low concentrations of pollutants.

There are adapted zeolites available for a variety of applications and pollutant compositions. They offer low maintenance, a long service life, and minimal absorption of activity-reducing air humidity. Unlike activated carbon systems, they don’t pose a risk of spontaneous combustion. The adsorption systems provided by our Venjakob Umwelttechnik company achieve concentration ratios of up to approximately 25:1 in a single-stage design.

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