system engineering for aviation

Forward-looking technology for a highly specialized industry

Aviation is the premium segment of the transport industry. The components used in this sector need to be able to withstand high levels of stress, which results in equally demanding requirements in terms of the following processes.

Process variants

  • Workpiece production
  • Workpiece pretreatment
  • Workpiece enhancement

Venjakob supports component manufacturers and suppliers in the aviation industry with a tailored range of cutting-edge system components. Venjakob systems thus allow you to efficiently apply coatings, composite materials, and adhesive to individual workpieces made from a whole host of materials.

Complex component painting and coating processes require flexible coating machines that can be seamlessly integrated into production processes. Venjakob manufactures these systems in line with your specific requirements, allowing you to treat workpieces of all kinds thanks to modern coating technology. Whether interior parts, aluminum construction elements, or connecting elements, there are plenty of industrial coating applications and systems to choose from.

Application in aviation

A range of paneling elements can be found in aircraft cabins. The airplane interior is enhanced with special coatings and structure paints. These applications ensure that components to be installed in aircraft cabins are durable and scratch-resistant. The application processes of Venjakob’s systems are especially gentle on materials and efficient and guarantee high-quality results.

Picture Airplane


Corrosion protection on sheet metal and milled parts made of aluminum with aqueous and solvent-based systems.

aircraft interior view


These include systems for the application of textured coatings on cladding and flap elements.

SUCCESS STORY - Multiple-purpose coating system

Multi-Purpose coatingsystem

Customized solution for flexible use of a new automatic coating system

Aero-Coating, a contract coating company, has started using robot coating technologies for the first time with the aid of Venjakob’s multi-purpose coating solution. The special 2-in-1 robot application solution allows the company to coat screw threads of different sizes and other components in large quantities as well as flat 3-D and rotationally symmetrical components in small batches evenly and in accordance with all relevant standards. “By using the robot we can now cover the 30 percent increase in customer demand and have reduced our processing times by 20 percent,” says Dr.-Ing. Florian Gehrig, Director of Aero-Coating GmbH.

High quality finishing  Workpieces destined for aviation components are often intensively pretreated. Venjakob therefore provides a wealth of modern surface pretreatment systems, forming the foundation for subsequent high-quality enhancements. What applies to aviation is also relevant for the automotive industry. Venjakob’s coating machines for the automotive industry guarantee manufacturers top-notch painting and coating results for workpieces of all kinds, including for the interior and bodywork parts alike.

Our team of experts will be happy to develop a solution tailored to your requirement profile. Ensure flexible and economical production with Venjakob technology.
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