water based cleaning

Water-based cleaning systems for effective removal of stubborn contaminants

Water-based cleaners now play a key role in the intermediate and final cleaning of parts. Available in the form of alkaline, neutral, and acidic cleaners, water-based media are usually the preferred solution for very high volumes of cleaning and/or fine and ultra-fine cleaning.

When does it make sense to invest in water-based|alkaline cleaning?

Organic and inorganic contaminants can compromise coating media adhesion when coating workpieces. The applied material cannot adequately adhere to the workpiece, leading to uneven surface results and possibly even separation of the applied layer. The workpieces have to be free of dirt and oil to ensure optimal coating adhesion, which makes investing in water-based cleaning well worthwhile.

Where do organic and inorganic contaminants come from?

Contaminants such as coolant residues and synthetic or mineral oil-based greases can adhere to metal workpieces as a result of mechanical processing. Depending on the production process, other contaminants such as dust may also collect on the surface.

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Venjakob alkaline cleaning units – for removing organic and inorganic residues

Venjakob offers a water-based alkaline cleaning unit for surface cleaning in the metalworking industry that removes both organic contaminants such as greases, oils, and waxes and inorganic residues such as metal shavings and dirt. 

Alkaline cleaners remove

  • inorganic contaminants such as metal particles, pigments, and dust
  • metal surface oxides such as rust and effectively eliminate scale


Customized system technology for water based|alkaline cleaning: Highly efficient and reliable

Venjakob offers customized solutions, whether for bathroom cleaning or a continuous system for pipes.The cleaning units are designed in accordance with the process requirements, with the system length based on the throughput speed.

Optionally, an alkaline cleaning system including drying oven could be installed upstream of the coating process, ensuring optimal results based on the specific degree of surface contamination.


  • Optimal cleaning quality
  • High flexibility
  • Adjustable in accordance with the process

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These cleaning systems are used as a stand-alone solution or also upstream of the painting|coating process. To ensure that you always remain flexible in your production, Venjakob also offers you a subsequent expansion of your existing processes.