Reliable modernization of your system with a retrofit

Is one of your systems getting on in years? Are you looking for ways to modernize? Often, system modernization not only boosts efficiency, but also increases availability and simplifies maintenance. We can therefore offer you expert mechanical engineering services and the option to overhaul your outdated system.

We draw on our decades of experience and guarantee you reliable modernization of your production facilities. There are many good reasons to retrofit your system, including the introduction of new, more efficient products, new process and production requirements, optimized cycle times as a result of capacity changes, a reduction in energy consumption, and integration of additional functions. Another benefit is that you save time, as any changes to the handling and control of your machines are minimal and machine optimization eliminates the need for renovations in your production hall. 

retrofit - washing unit

Reliable machine optimization for increased performance

Our team of experts assesses the current state of your system and then shows you what a retrofit could look like. If desired, we’ll be happy to advise you on whether a new machine or a retrofit would be more economical. Retrofits are primarily a time-saving solution. Acquiring new machines often requires the replacement of existing systems, which can be a very time-consuming process. Optimizing your outdated machinery and adding new, modern features can make your system shine again with increased productivity. Machine optimization doesn’t require a time-consuming, new approval process, which also reduces production downtime. Retrofitting offers you another benefit – the prompt delivery of important spare parts – and can also be a suitable solution for generally overhauling your coating machine or drying technology.

Machine optimization and efficiency

A retrofit can also provide you with modern IT equipment to keep pace with the digital transformation and industry 4.0. If desired, we can present to you an energy-saving drive concept that will increase the efficiency of your system. Reducing the reject rate is as important to us as optimizing automation processes. We can show you software updates that optimize your machinery, saving you time and boosting your productivity. It’s all the more important that the mechanics of your machinery and systems are able to keep up. Our competent specialists can help you produce modern HMI systems and then commission your system following machine and software optimization. 

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