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remote maintenance and AR-assistance in case of servicing

Immediately on the spot for you - without travel expenses

Modern industrial machines not only increase the efficiency of your processes, but also improve the overall performance of your operation. However, the technically sophisticated and technologically advanced industrial equipment that Venjakob custom-builds should be properly maintained and regularly inspected. Remote maintenance of machines as a remote service is a pioneering service in mechanical engineering for the plants of the future!


scheme remote  service

Remote service – remote access to the system control

The remote service is used by Venjakob for remote maintenance, e.g. as part of your maintenance agreement. In this way, the service technicians can remotely access the control of the systems to be maintained. Thus, optimizations can be made, and incorrect settings can be recognized and remedied at an early stage. The remote service also offers help if a system fault has already occurred.

This is how the remote service at Venjakob works in the event of a fault:

  1. You contact the Venjakob service team – via e-mail or by phone.
  2. A fault diagnosis can be made via remote access to the system control and with the support of the system operator. If the settings are incorrect, an attempt is made to remedy the error via remote access or by giving instructions to the system operator. If it is a more complex process, the AR-Service-App could replace an on-site service call.

Overview of remote services

  • Remote maintenance of machine and system networks
  • Optimization, operational data acquisition and troubleshooting
  • Direct interaction with connected terminal devices
  • Secured communication
  • Remote access to USB devices
  • High-performance hardware platform
  • OpenVPN with server and client support
  • Variable connection to the internet


Venjakob AR Service
scheme AR service

AR-service – video call with augmented reality

The Venjakob Service App works on the basis of an augmented reality application (AR for short). This real-time support solution overcomes language barriers and technical explanations, because the service technician can grasp the situation on site with the eyes of the system operator. The AR-Service-App is suitable for complex system malfunctions, their troubleshooting and independent troubleshooting by the system operator, as well as for the assistance of fitters during commissioning. AR means: augmented reality. In the case of support, the Venjakob service technician would follow the system operator's eye via a video call with the customer. This is possible using AR glasses (smart glasses), a smartphone or a tablet.

Venjakob AR Service Tablet
AR Service Smartphone

This is how the AR-Service-App works at Venjakob:

  1. You contact the Venjakob service team - via e-mail or by phone; describe your concern and make an appointment for a call-back.
  2. Using smart devices (smartphone, tablet, or data glasses), e.g. for example, the system operator calls the Venjakob technician and starts the AR service via the app. As soon as the connection (the "videocall") is established, the situation is transmitted to the technician via the image acquisition.
  3. The image transmission allows the service technician to precisely guide the employee on the customer side in troubleshooting. Communication via the AR application can take place in different ways: verbal, pointer, text input, symbols.
  4. The video call can also be recorded for documentation purposes.

Overview of AR-service

  • Support during troubleshooting 
  • Reduced machine downtimes   
  • Support by qualified personnel 
  • Time and cost savings (no travelling) 
  • Service employee sees the current situation of the customer’s machine line
  • Minimization of linguistic problems through visual representation 
  • Machine-relevant data can be displayed (drawings, machine parameters) 
  • Calls / videos can be recorded for documentation

Venjakob AR-Service in the application

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