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Drying Technologies

Perfect results in paint / lacquer drying

flashing off / activating / drying / curing / cooling

Corresponding to requirements, Venjakob offers individual designed drying concepts:

  • Infrared dryer (optimized infrared OIR)
  • Gas infrared dryer
  • UV-dryer
  • UV-LED-dryer
  • Convection dryer
  • Refrigerating air dryer
  • Flash-off-tunnel

These can be designe as:

  • Drying tunnel
  • High / vertical dryer
  • Multi-level dryer
  • Multi-level pallet-dryer
  • Continuous dryer / conveyor oven

Drying Technologies- perfect results in paint/lacquer drying
The later surface result is substantially determined by the quality of the drying process. Careful yet fast drying of the substrate after the application is crucial. Depending on the coating material, the wet paint/lacquer film is cured either by a physical drying process or chemical hardening.
Additional challenges are frequently encountered in automated production sequences resulting from confined spatial situations or the fast availability of dried workpieces.
As a system manufacturer acting on a global scale, Venjakob knows what matters in order to optimally meet all framework conditions and legal regulations, such as the VOC directives, and to ensure perfect surface qualities.
Our specially developed drying systems have the answer to all specific conditions: from forced through feed drying, at high air speed where required, space-saving solutions through to infrared, UV and microwave dryers, be it as an individual machine or an inline system as part of a machine line.

Our Plants for Drying Technologies: