Thermal oxidation

Demanding applications: a case for thermal oxidizers

Where other technologies reach their limits, the thermal oxidizer provided by our Venjakob Umwelttechnik company is still reliable, particularly when it comes to highly fluctuating operating conditions or treating exhaust air containing particles or silicon. Combined with customized energy recovery systems, it offers outstanding overall efficiency. More than 40 years of innovative product development have gone into this robust type of system.

Tried-and-tested, high-quality technology

Ingenious design features such as the internally developed special compensator for accommodating heat exchanger expansion are like no other in the market. Incineration chambers and heat exchangers are arranged one behind the other, so that all of the areas are easily accessible for maintenance. The angular design allows you to arrange fans or secondary heat exchangers on the thermal oxidizer, minimizing the space required.


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How thermal oxidizers work

The polluted exhaust air circulates around a shell and tube heat exchanger and passes through the auxiliary burner into the incineration chamber, where the pollutants are converted into CO2 and H20 with a reaction temperature of approximately 760°C. The solvent emits energy as it’s incinerated, reducing the amount of fuel required. Now purified, the exhaust air releases a majority of its energy via the shell and tube heat exchanger for use in preheating the polluted air.

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Applications for thermal oxidation

This process is primarily used to purify exhaust air containing particles and aerosol and is also a reliable solution for treating processes with ash and dust-forming pollutants such as siloxane and silane.

Typical applications:

  • The manufacture of brake pads
  • Wallpaper printing
  • Coatings for technical yarns
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Coatings for release papers
  • EPD drying
  • Special applications
  • Small systems


What makes our thermal oxidizers effective and reliable

Thanks to our decades of experience in manufacturing exhaust air purification systems, we can offer you sophisticated solutions that have proven their worth over a period of many years and are tailored specifically to your spatial and technical requirements. Take advantage of the flexible adjustment options provided by Venjakob Umwelttechnik. Our thermal oxidizers also deliver high process reliability, even with changing and widely fluctuating operating conditions. In addition, they offer great potential for energy recovery, including when combining several media such as warm water and thermal oil.

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