Catalytic oxidizers

The Solution for Special Applications in Exhaust Air Purification

The catalytic oxidizer provided by our Venjakob Umwelttechnik company has proven its worth, especially for smaller special applications. This system has also shown itself to be remarkably efficient for identified, consistent pollutants in particular. Generally speaking, exhaust air containing silicon and phosphorus cannot be treated. Whether the system can be used when other critical substances such as sulfur are present must be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Effective and tailored to your requirements

We collaborate with renowned catalyst manufacturers, thus ensuring you always have the best solution at your disposal. The catalyst is always selected individually on the basis of the requirement analysis. Whether it’s noble-metal or mixed-oxide catalysts, pellets, or on ceramic honeycombs or metal foil as a carrier, the best structural and technical solution is selected for each 

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How Catalytic Oxidizers work

As is the case with thermal oxidizers, the exhaust air is initially preheated with a heat exchanger (usually a regenerative model) and, if necessary, further heated to the required reaction temperature using an auxiliary burner or electric air heater. In contrast to the purely thermal methods (TO, RTO), the catalytic oxidizer uses a catalyst to reduce the reaction temperature required for air pollutant conversion to approximately 300°C to 600°C (depending on the application). The solvent is converted at the converter, further heating the exhaust air, and the heat exchanger uses this energy to preheat the exhaust air. Ideally, this method can achieve operation just below autothermal. Because certain substances such as silicon compounds influence catalyst activity, it’s essential to carefully research the air pollutants when planning the system.

Area of applications+

Applications for catalytic oxidation

Catalytic oxidizers are primarily used in the pharma industry. Other applications include the foundry industry, paint production, and wire coatings.


These are the advantages of using our CO

Cost savings: The low reaction temperatures have a positive impact on your operating costs. 

Flexibility in many areas:

  • You receive a variable design customized for use with the optimal catalyst
  • We also offer smaller designs for lower volumes of air, which can also be fully preassembled at the factory (plug and play)
  • Our catalytic oxidizers can also be used where there is no natural gas supply for an auxiliary burner

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