Energy recovery for exhaust air purification processes

Recovery for a positive operating cost balance

This concept offers more than just environmental benefits: Incorporating a combination of exhaust air purification system and energy recovery system early on during the planning stage of the production facility can lead to a positive energy balance for the cleaning unit. This not only makes exhaust air purification an economical process and lowers operating costs, but also helps to reduce CO2 emissions. There are systems available for warm/hot water, thermal oil, and warm air.


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An eco-friendly method of energy recovery

Solvents are incinerated when purifying exhaust air flows containing VOCs, which in turn releases energy. To ensure this energy doesn’t go to waste, it’s worth installing suitable heat exchanger systems for heat recovery. Using energetic recovery on the basis of energy storage, this excess heat can be reused, for example, to heat the production process or for building services.

Area of application+

Typical applications for energy recovery systems

Energy recovery systems can now be profitably used in conjunction with exhaust air purification systems of all kinds. For example, a plate heat exchanger can effectively preheat the supply air for coating machines, even with low clean-gas temperatures behind a concentration rotor.


Protect the environment and save money – the benefits of energy recovery at a glance

  • reducing operation costs
  • improving the carbon footprint
  • reducing the consumption of primary energy for process or room heating
  • several systems combined in a single unit

All of the systems and their different purification methods offer potential for recovery. As expert advisors in system engineering, our technicians and engineers can design an appropriate energy recovery concept for your processes based on your desires and requirements and implement it at your location. It goes without saying that we’ll also maintain an overview of all technical, economic, and environmental aspects for you.

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