Electro and Remote Machine Maintenance

Maintenance and inspection from anywhere

Modern industrial machinery not only increases the efficiency of your processes, but also the overall performance of your operations. Venjakob’s technically demanding and technologically advanced systems are tailored for the industry and should thus also be properly serviced and inspected on a regular basis. Remote machine maintenance is a revolutionary mechanical engineering service for the systems of the future!

Remote system maintenance to correct problems

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If system errors cause problems in production, you can contact the Venjakob Service team by phone or e-mail. Thanks to state-of-the-art communications, our customers all over the world can reach us quickly if there’s an error (remote service). Our Venjakob Service team can carry out troubleshooting remotely with the operator’s support. Once the source of the error has been identified, a quotation for a spare part or a visit by a service technician can be prepared if required, thus ensuring high system availability.

Time and cost savings with Venjakob service app and smart devices

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Time is money. Fast response times and qualified support by qualified personnel are worth their weight in gold - especially if they can be provided visually and without language barriers. In order to offer you an even faster and more effective service, we will in future rely on a further,
proprietary solution in addition to remote maintenance and the possible connection via the Tapio Service Board: a service app in connection with smart access devices (smart glasses, smart phone or tablet). Prerequisite for use is a functioning W-LAN network. Your machine operator dials into the Venjakob server via the service app. The call can be recorded for documentation purposes.

Service App and smart devices:
Fast, reliable service reduces costs

The machine operator transmits images of the situation on site using data glasses, smartphones, etc. Our service technician can support him in troubleshooting, provide assistance and reduce downtimes. Machine-relevant data can be displayed. In addition, the technician can give the operator not only verbal instructions, but also information by means of pointers, or by displaying symbols, or by entering text. Learn more about how our Venjakob team supports you remotely via AR-Service.

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