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Service and Installation


Venjakob quality – Your key to your success.

By opting in favour of our high-quality products, you have automatically also decided for a reliable and fast service. 

In an emergency we are there for you, weekends included!

Service Hotline Venjakob Maschinenbau:
+49 (0)52 42 96 03-31

Service Hotline Venjakob Umwelttechnik:
+49 (0)50 66 98 06-19

Service Hotline Nutro Strongsville:
+1 (440) 572-3800 -144

Your call reaches a competent service technician who will actively strive to remedy the damage or coordinate the required measures. 

Remote diagnosis allows us to make required adaptations on/to the machine lines delivered by us within the shortest possible time worldwide and to initiate necessary rectification measures.  The necessary parts from our extensive spare parts stock will reach you in the shortest possible time.


Professionalism from the start

Intensive dialog with our customers is the key to each project planning, from design to installation. All production services are based on the perfect interaction between man and machine. 

More than 50 years of experience in machine engineering have put their stamp on our work. 

All functions and properties are tested during a factory trial run.

During commissioning, we especially focus on a thorough and comprehensive training of our customers' personnel and pass on extensive information on function and operation of the machines. 

If requested, our experts are available at any time to carry out periodic service work. 

All machines delivered are accompanied by ample documentation and maintenance instructions. 

All machines meet EU directives, which form a significant aspect in planning.