System Solutions for treating metal surfaces

Apply functional and decorative coatings to metal parts

The professional coating of metal components is best left to the experts. Over the decades, Venjakob has gathered a wealth of experience in system engineering for the treatment of metal surfaces. We build customized coating systems for enhancing metal surfaces and metallic workpieces for you, and develop systems tailored specifically to your production requirements that allow you to efficiently and reliably treat metal surfaces.

The professional surface treatment of metal enables you to reliably apply coatings on

  • Screws
  • Wheels
  • Housing
  • Forged parts
  • large sheets|plates
  • Profile steel
  • Pipes

Purification and degreasing plants for treating metal surfaces

Steel surfaces usually need to be effectively degreased and purified ahead of the coating process. Venjakob offers a variety of surface pretreatment systems for degreasing and purifying metal workpieces. These free your workpieces of loose, adherent dirt as well as any residual operating materials from the previous manufacturing process.  

Are rust inhibitors or slide coatings your thing?

Venjakob can offer you a variety of concepts for functional coatings. Particularly when it comes to applying a 100% UV coating to steel pipes, Venjakob has developed an outstanding reputation in the market with its reliable, high-efficiency coating line, including pipe cleaning and drying. The pipes featuring a temporary rust inhibitor are immediately protected and can be bundled and further transported without delay.

application spectrum

Surface technology for the metalworking industry

Varying requirements and applications demand numerous tailored solutions. Venjakob can provide them.



Complete pipe coating lines including cleaning, marking, painting and drying. Suitable for water-based, solvent-based and 100% UV coatings. Individual workpiece tracking by coding.



All types of wheels or rollers are coated in various ways, e.g. by means of a rotary table/robotic or spindle chain conveyor system.

steel beams


Water-based coating systems and flatbed coating lines are most frequently used for coating steel plates and shapes. Coating is carried out in a continuous process, whereby the material can be separated in advance if desired.

gearbox housing


Engine, transmission and fairing housings. Here the handling of the housings plays a special role. The automation is custom-made for you at Venjakob: spindle chain conveyor, robotics or flat line.

Success story - coating system for mechanical clock components

Compact, fully automatic coating system for mechanical clock components

Hermle Mechanische Uhrwerke und Drehteile GmbH & Co. KG is among the most cutting-edge clock factories in the world. The company is one of the last few remaining clockmakers to produce both traditional and modern wall clocks. All of their parts are made in Germany. Boasting a tradition that stretches back a hundred years, the medium-sized family company makes clocks and movements in Reichenbach am Heuberg in the German state of Baden-Württemberg.



Fully automatic coating of a large variety of individual gear components

Success Story - pipe coupling

SS Pipe coupling


Fully automated for different requirements

OMK Vyksa from Russia relies on two fully automatic coating lines from Venjakob in the manufacturing process of pipe couplings. The complex system solution meets a wide range of criteria for fast and flexible signing, marking and coating of pipe couplings and fits seamlessly into the automated manufacturing process of pipeline pipes.

Coating plants for liquid media developed by us, of course taking into account environmental protection and energy efficiency. Tailor-made, from the stand-alone solution to the complete painting line including surface pretreatment system, drying technology and exhaust air purification system.

Venjakob systems are unrivalled in the field of industrial painting. Please contact us. Especially in the field of steel pipe and pipe socket coating or marking systems, the plant concept can be extended according to your requirements.

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