Novel process: Coating replaces foiling of battery cells

Battery cells used in electric vehicles are usually covered with a protective film. A complex and costly process. Alternatively, there is now a special UV varnish that provides equally good protection for the sensitive cell modules.

Our engineers have developed a fully automated system solution for this new type of coating on behalf of the customer. Prismatic cell modules in various formats
can be coated without contact in a continuous process.

This has accelerated the entire battery cell production process and reduced costs.

Innovation in conveyor technology: dispensing with the workpiece carrier

To ensure that the terminals, i.e. the electrical poles of the cell modules and the degassing valve, DMC code and sides are not covered with overspray
from becoming contaminated with overspray in the previous coating process, the battery cells were placed upside down in the workpiece carrier. Unfavourable in this case:
The entire carrier was also coated and had to be cleaned of the special paint with each new batch.

Our solution was to place the cell modules directly on a suitably modified belt. The cell modules can be placed at a small distance from each other so that the terminals and corresponding areas are protected from overspray during the entire coating process.
remain protected from overspray throughout the entire coating process.

The most important benefits at a glance

  • No need for workpiece carriers.
  • Increased production speed – continuous conveying within a time window of 10 to 13 minutes.
  • Three battery cell formats can be coated without having to convert the system.
  • No handling, turning or gripping.
  • No damage to the battery cells.
  • Paint recovery during coating reduces paint consumption.
  • No robots, instead permanently installed spray guns that apply in a continuous process.
  • Ease of maintenance: All system components that are important for maintenance and replacement are easily accessible or mounted on rollers for easy removal.

If you would like to find out more about non-contact coating of battery cells or other coating solutions, please contact our sales representatives.


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