Dust removal and ionization

Dust removal and Ionization to ensure a brilliant surface coating

Dust removal systems employ air nozzles to remove adherent dust particles from workpieces. Ionization machines are used to neutralize electrostatic charges on component surfaces, as these tend to attract dust. Ionization is combined with a dust removal/blow-off system to boost the effect.

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Area of application+

Applications for dedusting and ionization machines

Dedusting and ionization machines are used in just about every industry sector, including:  

  • wood
  • plastics
  • glass
  • metal
  • building materials

Woodworking releases ultra-fine particles, which despite good extraction systems are not always fully captured and can thus collect on the workpiece surface.

When it comes to working with plastic, glass, and metal surfaces, it’s primarily an issue of removing particles that already exist in the ambient air. Electrostatic charge increases particle adhesion.

All of these contaminants need to be removed entirely before the coating process in order to achieve optimal surface results.


Customized dedusting machines: a benefit for your application

We offer a whole host of dedusting and ionization machines tailored to the requirements of your production process. All Venjakob dedusting machines feature air nozzles that remove dust particles from workpieces, with optional rotating brushes featuring real hair also available. Depending on requirements, the dedusting machines can also be equipped with ionization devices or square electrodes that free the surface of electrostatic charge, making it easier to remove dust particles from the surface. Brushing units are also often used in the woodworking industry to free the surface of larger wood shavings resulting from the upstream drilling process. These brushes are primarily made from real hair. A suction system extracts the removed dust particles from the system. We’ll be happy to work with you to tailor any additional equipment features to your production process.

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These cleaning units are available as a stand-alone solution or for use prior to the painting|coating process. Venjakob can also help you to expand your existing processes at a later date, keeping you and your production flexible at all times.