Dry degreasing

for cleaning results in mere seconds  

The dry degreasing process is based on a degreasing powder for cleaning metal and nonmetal surfaces. Dry degreasing removes grease from all conventional materials in mere seconds. This technology allows you to continue processing treated components and semifinished products immediately. The space-saving process can be integrated into the existing manufacturing process with ease.

System technology

Venjakob dry degreasing can be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated into existing system technology as an upstream process. The cleaning powder is contained within a closed circuit with continuous input and output. Metering and discharge are automatic and can be regulated in accordance with requirements.

  • Area of application
  • Advantages

Area of application+

Application for dry degreasing

  • standard and nonferrous metals, stainless steels, and plastics
  • conveyor belts – slit strips by the coil
  • immersion and manual degreasing for cleaning small parts
  • removal of release agents
  • pretreatment for coil coating
  • endless wires and bar profiles
  • turned parts and stampings


The benefits and features of dry degreasing

  • liquid-free degreasing
  • no water consumption
  • low energy costs, no energy consumption for heating and drying
  • reduced space requirements, integration into production lines
  • no hazardous materials
  • high processing speed

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