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NPE 2018

07.05.-11.05.2018 Orange County Convention Center | Orlando Florida | USA 


Venjakob/Nutro -Cross-Industrial knowledge in developing customized finishing solutions over decades

Venjakob/Nutro provides innovative coating solutions for different kind of workpiece materials and geometries.

Venjakob Umwelttechnik GmbH Co. KG is also a specialist in exhaust gas purification systems eliminating harmful organic substances and odors (VOC abatement).

The strength of the group lies in complete system solutions like pre-treatment, painting, industrial process automation, drying and exhaust gas purification.

Those customized solutions are established in the following industries (extract): plastic, automotive industry (interior + exterior), building site (fiber cement + acoustic ceiling panels), steel & metal (sheets + tubes & pipes), ceramic, glass, wood + furniture, aero-space.

Benefit from Venjakob`s/ Nutro’s cross-industrial expertise knowledge and challenge us with your tasks. See you at NPE, booth # S 35067!

At this year’s NPE show, Venjakob, the German manufacturer of complete finishing lines, demonstrates its expertise and excellence in coating via its US and Canadian subsidiaries Nutro Inc., located in Strongsville /Ohio and Venjakob North America Inc., located in Bolton/Ontario.

The main emphasis is on the very flexible entry-level model in automatic spray coating, the VEN SPRAY MINI, and on a coating solution consisting of a spray robot and a chain-on-edge- conveyor system. Both will be exhibited on booth # S 35067.

VEN SPRAY MINI offers various kinds of feeding, extraction and drying technologies.

Those can be combined specifically to meet your requirements.

As one option, Venjakob has designed a dry separation system which combines the advantages of a dry separation system (low purchase and operating costs, no unpleasant odors due to breakdown products) and the familiar arguments in favor of the water-backed system (clean booth and constant exhaust air capacity).

The new design is ideal for high and low paint throughput, and for   high-quality finishes.

Beside this the dry separation system is suitable for different paint systems and can be tested by potential customers in cooperation with their paint suppliers in our in-house demonstration centers.

Picture: VEN SPRAY MINI     Effective entry solution in automated spray coating