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Venjakob Dashboard: Ven Profit

Generate added value thanks to networked machine production

For this purpose, Venjakob offers two technology platforms for use. The Tapio ecosystem, well-known in the woodworking industry, which is Cloud based and the in-house development, the dashboard analysis tool VEN PROFIT.

The Venjakob Dashboard and the Tapio solution provide an insight into how customers can retrieve processed machine data effectively, for example, to monitor the production process, plan anticipated maintenance, or use it for management level analysis.

VEN PROFIT stores the operating data independently in the local network and optionally in a Cloud. Access to the data takes place via defined interfaces, which are individually adaptable according to customer wishes and given conditions. 

Venjakob's in-house development focused on decoupling the ODA from the control platform as well as a flexible evaluation of the operating data on various end devices. The solution can be used independently of industries and business areas and enables Web-based data access.

For the user, the dashboard analysis tool VEN PROFIT offers many additional benefits for machine operators, production and operational management as well as general management:


  • Extension of the control options on separate hardware
  • Independent operation of the machine line continues to be possible.
  • Management key figures as a basis for decisions
  • Prompt of the current operating conditions of the machine line
  • Display of the machine line production status
  • View of energy consumption
  • Consumption history
  • Planning machine maintenance
  • Demand forecast
  • Risk minimisation
  • Cost reduction 




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Oliver Milde
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